3rd rock from the sun

A group of aliens is sent lớn Earth - disguised as a human family - to lớn experience and report about life on the third planet from the sun.

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Four aliens arrive on Earth, size human bodies and assume the identities of Dick, Sally, Harry và Tommy - the Solomon family - to conduct experiments & observe life on the planet.

When Tommy comes down with a terrible cold after a make-out session with his lab partner Dina, the other aliens also get sick for the first time, and they're all convinced that they're dying.

When Nina enquires about Dick's birthday lớn update her records, Dick has no idea how to lớn respond - the concepts of age and "acting his age" are meaningless to him. Dick informs the other aliens that they need to know how old they are & they also need birthdays.

Dick gives Tommy an assignment to kiểm tra out high school. Meanwhile, Sally, in a quest khổng lồ experience sex, goes out on a date and returns home giggly & girlish, only to lớn be devastated when Brad, her date, doesn't hotline as promised.

Sally complains to lớn Dick that, as second in command, she never gets to make decisions. Dick runs into some of his students in a restaurant, sees one of them smoking và is fascinated by how sophisticated he looks. Grabbing a cigarette, Dick is hooked with one puff.
Dick feels the need lớn experience physical affection, & when a hug from Harry misses the mark, his thoughts turn khổng lồ Dr. Albright. He experiences jealousy for the first time when Dr. Albright responds warmly to lớn an old friend who has turned up unexpectedly.
Sally takes on the job of researching women and their grooming và beauty secrets. Tommy runs into August, a girl from school. & when Dr. Albright leaves town for a short retreat, Dick feels devastated & abandoned.
Relations become strained between Tommy và his girlfriend August when Cheryl, a cheerleader, enters the picture. Dick, Sally và Harry attend a tiệc nhỏ in honor of Dr. Hanlin, a universally-disliked faculty member. When the doctor drops dead at the party, Dick, whose honesty Dr. Hanlin admired, is perplexed khổng lồ learn that his dying wish was for him lớn deliver a eulogy at the funeral.
Dick confides in Dr. Albright that he & Sally can't seem to lớn stop fighting, and Mary tells him it's the same with her younger brother Roy. But when Dick meets Roy, he immediately likes him & invites him lớn dinner with the Solomon family. During dinner, much to Mary's embarrassment and the Solomons' alarm, Roy tells a story about being abducted from a cornfield by an alien spacecraft.
Dr. Albright uses flattery to lớn convince Dick to attend a faculty meeting in her place, but Dick immediately alienates the group by innocently revealing her true feelings: they're a bunch of stodgy, boring old men. When Dr. Albright is furious with him, a perplexed Dick learns that the "truth" can have many degrees and nuances.

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Sally takes command of the bake sale at Tommy's school and, with drill sergeant tactics, whips the mothers into shape & makes the sale a success. Dick & Harry attend an art class where Mary Albright is studying painting & Harry, who has never been good at anything on this planet, discovers his true talent.
Harry has a new job at a đoạn phim store where he takes his work very seriously. Tommy is one of his first customers, renting a David Copperfield magic show that he thinks will save him the trouble of reading the Dickens novel. Dick convinces Dr. Albright that he should accompany her to Chicago khổng lồ receive an anthropology award, và they wind up stuck in a snowstorm.
The Solomons meet their neighbors the Mullers, whom they've been observing from afar. Dick makes overtures of friendship to Frank Muller, who is curious but responsive. However, when the Solomons pay a visit at 3:00 A.M. And reveal lớn the Mullers that they've been spying on them, the friendship strains. Dick feels that they've been treated unjustly và experiences anger for the first time.
When Nina tells Dick that Stanford has no graduate records on him and Dick reacts defensively, Dr. Albright observes that it's virtually impossible to lớn get a straight answer from Dick about his past. Dr. Albright becomes convinced that Dick is actually Manny Rosenberg, a 1960s activist whom she knew briefly & who has been in hiding from the FBI in decades.
When Dick confronts Sally about her obsessive shopping habits, she decides that it's time she and Harry get jobs to earn their own money. Feeling excluded when Nina và Dr. Albright vì chưng some female bonding, Dick dresses in drag, crashes a women's study group meeting in the teacher's lounge, shares his feelings and humiliates Dr. Albright.
When Dick & Sally meet with Tommy's teacher, they learn that Tommy is having trouble fitting in. Sally is less concerned with Tommy's problem than with getting to lớn know his handsome teacher, Mr. Randell. The aliens are mystified when Tommy announces that they must have an ethnic identity because, khổng lồ them, all earthlings look alike, và Dick resolves to bởi some research on the issue.
When the aliens's oto stereo is ripped off while they're at the mall, Harry và Sally pay a visit to lớn the police station lớn report it and begin discussing security measures. Dick thinks they're being paranoid, but when he gets mugged at the ATM, he becomes disenchanted with the human race and demands justice.
Tommy claims Dick is "pudding-whipped" because he does everything that Dr. Albright tells him to do. Sally, Harry và Nina all agree, so Dick rebelliously informs Mary he'll not be attending her party, but will be attending Bug's brother's bachelor buổi tiệc nhỏ at a strip club instead.
When Dick learns that Dr. Albright is getting a bigger, better office và is leaving him with a new, eccentric office mate, he's devastated & tries to lớn make her change her mind. But she won't hear of it, so Dick quietly makes a few phone calls.
Tommy has sent a report to lớn the aliens' boss, the Big Giant Head, informing him that Dick has been squandering time in pursuit of an earth woman. When Dick hears about it, he vows lớn have a successful date with Dr. Albright. Nina intercedes on Dick's behalf, và Dr. Albright agrees lớn go lớn dinner at a Japanese restaurant where Dick dazzles her with his prowess as a chef.