Alma Oasis Resort

Maverlous beach resort adjacent khổng lồ Bao dai Palace Generous pool villas up to 4 bedrooms Unique spa làm đẹp journeys & exercises lượt thích Yoga, Zumba, and Tai chi on offer


Standing on a luxuriant hill lớn the south-east direction of Long Hai, Vung Tau which is about 120km from Ho chi Minh city, Anoasis Long nhì (previously Alma Oasis Long Hai) allows guests an overlook of tranquil trắng sandy beach beside gentle rustling waves.

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On an area of 13 hectares, this resort includes 5 villas và 24 bungalows scattering over the hill, looking much like a beautiful village. Alma Oasis employs a highly aesthetic thiết kế with harmonious combination of East và West architecture and use a smart màu sắc scheme of white & turquoise blue. Options to stay are Garden Studio, Ocean Pavillion, Ocean Terrace, Ocean Family Pavillion, Oasis Pool Villa, Sanctuary Pool Villa, Beachfront Pool Villa.

The first three ones are smaller while the Ocean Family Pavillion has both double bed and single bed. The last three ones are more spacey with kitchen, living room và bedroom. For options lớn eat, Alma Oasis offers romantic beachfront dining time with Vietnamese, Thai & Mediterranean food. What’s better about this place is that every booking is coupled with full package of spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp time that truly helps finding back physical và spiritual well-being. This destination could really stay true khổng lồ the meaning of a peaceful oasis setting you không tính tiền from daily worries.



Alma Oasis Long nhì takes just around 90 minutes lớn drive from Ho đưa ra Minh city, making it a perfect place for a mid-week getaway.

With a stay at Alma Oasis Resort Long nhị in Long Hai, you’ll find it easy lớn access all the renowned beaches in the coastal đô thị of Vung Tau. Apart from its private beach, the resort is within a 5–7minute drive of Long hai Beach (0,7 km) & Dinh teo Temple (1,3 km).

From Bai Sau Beach, it only takes a 10-minute drive (16.2 km) to get lớn the resort's entrance. While a 15-minute drive (23.2 km) is the distance from Ho Tram Beach.

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Service và facilities

Offering outstanding services, this idyllic beach resort is the second-to-none destination for those who want to enjoy tranquility & relaxation at their peaks. The property offers an outdoor private pool and balconies for certain types of rooms. Bungalows feature gorgeous leafy gardens aside the patios with a path leading guests from the resort khổng lồ the private beach.

Oversize beds are comfortably soft, but you will want khổng lồ wake up early lớn take advantage of the resort's menu of outdoor activities or simply admiring the sunrise. The resort features the aforementioned private beach, for newcomers, you can spend the morning of a day snorkeling or sunbathe on the white sand. There is a stunning private swimming pool and special spa làm đẹp to unwind and relax at the rest of your leisure hours.

1 swimming pool Beachfront free WiFi Family rooms không tính phí parking Bar Kids' club Tennis court Bar Restaurant Yoga classes Fitness centre Sauna (Additional charge) Dry cleaning (Additional charge) Laundry (Additional charge)

Room và Amenities

Situated on a total area of about 13 hectares, this resort brings out 5 stunning villas with private pools và 24 bungalows phối on the hill. The accommodation options include Garden Studio, Ocean Pavillion, Ocean Terrace, Ocean Family Pavilion, Oasis Pool Villa, Sanctuary Pool Villa, & Beachfront Pool Villa. For a company trip, Ocean Family Pavillion is an ideal option that features both a double bed & a single bed.

All the villas come with kitchen, living room, và bedroom in an airy venue, which is perfectly fitted for family vacation. Each modern-designed room features docking stations, minibars and personal safe. Beds come with comforters và Egyptian cốt tông sheets. Each room offers private balconies or patios while wireless mạng internet access keeps guests connected.

Room TypeMaximumSize
Garden Studio Room3 adults / 2 adults, 1 children28 sqm
Garden Terrace Room3 adults / 2 adults, 1 children39 sqm
Garden Pavilion3 adults / 2 adults, 1 children39 sqm
Garden Family Pavilion3 adults / 2 adults, 2 children37 sqm
Sanctuary Pool Villa (Princess Villa)6 adults / 4 adults, 2 children240 sqm
Oasis Pool Villa (Queen Villa)9 adults / 6 adults, 3 children430 sqm
Beach Front Villa12 adults / 8 adults, 4 children575 sqm


What's special about this place is that every booking comes along with a 90-minute spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp journey for each night’s stay. Payment already included in the accommodation rate. Relaxation is the ultimate priority in the resort. The treatment features dry or wet steam, massage, Tai chi exercise, và a relaxing retreat that truly helps to find back physical and spiritual well-being. The resort also offers a không lấy phí morning bicycle tour khổng lồ some of the main attraction nearby

Food & Drinks

For those who belong to the on-site restaurants and bars; dining is an indispensable experience at Alma Oasis. Set on the hill, My Oasis Restaurant is well-known for its dynamic, interactive kitchens preparing superb cuisine from Vietnam, Thailand, và Mediterranean with grills và salad stations. Soaking in the cool water và overlooking the stunning pristine beach, you can sip on exotic infusions, and tonics ordered at xanh Waves Pool Bar. For the couple, have a lãng mạn date at Red Boat Bar allure you to lớn feel the sea breeze, at the same time indulging in a Vietnamese seafood feast.