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Get ready for this year’s Loading Screen Art Contest! We have great loot waiting for our winners in addition to the special honor of having your art become a part of Blade & Soul.

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Before you get your pencils or brushes ready, be sure lớn first reviews the full Terms and Conditions.

Design Guidelines

To help kick off the creative process, we have included the 2021 winners below.

Keziedra - JinsoyunIshtaran - Jinsoyun
Indïa - JinsoyunZeromon - Yura
FreyaDLuna - YuraYuika - Jinsoyun
Fae - JinsoyunKokujin Seishin - Jinsoyun
Shaynee - Yurahyonae - Jinsoyun
Prepare your Art

To prepare your art for the loading screen, you must follow these Guidelines:

All art must be in .jpg format, 2048x1200 and 72ppi resolution.No text on the image; this includes signatures & watermarks.We will be crediting the winners with an appropriate layer to match the image.All entries must be appropriate for your region’s rating.

There will be a đen fade layer over the loading screen art, at the bottom of the image approximately 300px tall, so please make sure there are no important parts of your art in this area. Bởi not include this fade in your image; it will be applied on the loading screen as an overlay by the game engine. You can download the overlay here to see how it will look on your art.

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Art Submission

Make sure to lớn follow our Submission Guidelines when you submit your artwork:

All designs must be hand-drawn or digitally created & be related khổng lồ Blade và Soul.One entry per person, must have an NCSOFT Account.Entries must be submitted between June 1 và July 10, 2022.Submissions will close July 10, 2022, at 2:59 p.m. PST / 23:59 CEST.There is a dedicated section on the forums to lớn submit your loading screen to. You can find the link here. Please include the following information in the post:Topic title: “Loading Screen Contest 2022 – name of your art”Character NameServerBrief mô tả tìm kiếm of your loading screen artEntries that vày not meet these requirements will be disqualified.Winners will be revealed around July 20, 2022.Win amazing Prizes!

Five Winners will be selected, và each will receive the following rewards:

8,000 Hongmoon CoinsOne Costume Outfit of your choice (restrictions apply)Winning artwork will be added to the loading screens rotation in-game

We will also be selecting 5 additional Runners-up Winners from all qualified submissions (except for the top 5 winners), who will each receive 2,000 Hongmoon Coins.


The Blade và Soul team will select 5 Grand Prize Winners khổng lồ receive the prizes and have their art included in the game, và 5 Runners-up Winners lớn receive Hongmoon Coins. Judging will be focused on creativity, overall aesthetic of the artwork, & ability khổng lồ follow the Blade & Soul theme & style.

Make sure you have read the official Contest Rules in English, or the Contest Rules in Spanish before entering.

We are extremely excited & are looking forward lớn seeing your loading screen submissions. Good luck & get creative!