I"m trying khổng lồ run c code on my windows. (I had been running it so far on But it is proving harder than it is supposed khổng lồ be.MinGW is not installing due lớn some reason. & I"ve spent a lot of time trying to lớn run it some other way. From my research, I think the best way to lớn go about it is to tải về Visual Studio, but I have a low-end PC & I don"t think I should install Visual Studio. Can I, somehow, only install the C/C++ compiler that comes with it without installing Visual Studio itself.

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If it helps, I usually run my (python) code in atom, but also have Visual Studio Code installed on my machine.

I apologize if my question is stupid, I am a self-taught programmer who learned to code from MIT"s 6.00.1x & 6.00.2x và am currently trying khổng lồ learn C from "The C Programming Language" by Kernighan và Ritchie. I"ve never formally studied computer science.

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asked Mar 3, 2018 at 21:35

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What you want is called the "Windows SDK", wich contains everything you need to lớn build applications on windows, except the IDE (Visual Studio).

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It comes with all necessary libraries, header files, a compiler, nmake et cetera, & a handy shortcut for a preconfigured cmd.exe that puts all of these tools in your PATH. If you know what you are doing, this is what you want to lớn use.

What version of the SDK you want depends on the system you are compiling on, but you will find all of them on the microsoft website. For windows 10 for example, the SDK can be found here:

Be aware though, that the windows compiler cl.exe can be a bit tricky at times, và nmake is not what you expect when you only learned GNUmake. If you are only starting out learning C, then I would not recommend using the SDK for the reasons given in the comments khổng lồ your question. However, if all you want is compile on windows, without having lớn drag 20+ Gigabytes of IDE around, then the SDK is an option to lớn consider.

(We are using virtual machines with a preinstalled windows SDK quite successfully in lectures và exercises.)


I have been made aware that as of windows 8 the SDK no longer contains the build tools for C++ based applications. These are now only contained in a Visual Studio installation.