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1. Importance of Commercial Correspondence

Commercial correspondence has a number of importance. Its most important feature is the ease of reaching & communicating with different parties.

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A business correspondence helps to meet some organizational goals. One can achieve the objectives through it. Let us study some of them in detail.

2. Functions of different types of correspondence

Commercial correspondence has a sender & a receiver. The sender can be a person or an organization, & the same goes for the receiver.

Depending on the purpose & function of mailing, business correspondence can be classified into several types as follows:

a. Letter of inquiry

This type of letter is used when you want to lớn inquire about another company's products, services, etc. If you're going lớn write an inquiry letter, make sure you gather as much information as possible. Make a checklist of issues you need to learn so that you don't miss any information.


Reasons lớn write an enquiry

To obtain information (prices, technical data…)

To receive printed matter (booklets, catalogues, price lists, or reports)

To receive sample products, demonstrations…

To seek special favours (permission, advice, help, discounts…)

General guidelines

State clearly and concisely what you want right from the beginning.

Keep your enquiry short & to the point, easy to understand, & easy to lớn answer

Be reasonable

Provide complete và accurate information

b. Reply to enquiry

A response of enquiry provides the answers or information requested in a letter of inquiry. The objective is lớn satisfy the enquirer with an action that fulfills their request.


The purpose of writing a response letter is to:

Confirming that you can help

Selling your product

Suggesting alternatives if you bởi vì not have what the enquirer has asked for, but have an alternative.

Referring the customer to lớn another place if You may not meet the inquiry.

Sending catalogues, price lists, prospectuses, và samples. Enclose current catalogues và price lists with your reply.

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Take this opportunity to lớn ‘sell’ your product.

c. Order letter

This type of letter is used when you want khổng lồ place an order with a company. The order letter needs khổng lồ contain the correct information, so you need to double check all the parameters before sending the letter.

Use simple and clear words. Long sentences often make it difficult for readers to follow và understand the writer's ideas.


d. Letters of complaint

This is a type of letter written by a person or organization that is not satisfied with the product or service of the recipient company.

When writing a letter of complaint, it is important lớn maintain a polite tone of voice, even if you are very upset & have a lot to complain about.


e.Adjustment letters

Used when responding to lớn a customer complaint letter. The toàn thân of the letter should show how the problem with the product or service was resolved (or not).

This type of letter is difficult because the readers are usually customers who are not satisfied with the company và are very angry, so it is necessary to lớn use appropriate language khổng lồ appease them without affecting the business of the company.


f. Cover letters of order

It is a business letter enclosed with an offer khổng lồ explain what are not said, make everything clearer, and địa chỉ some favourable comments.