"rings of power" star unites with "lotr""s orlando bloom

Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power star Ismael Cruz Córdova has united with original Lord Of The Rings film trilogy star Orlando Bloom for a selfie.

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The pair, who play Elves Arondir và Legolas respectively in the Tolkien universe, came together with a message of solidarity, Bloom sharing a picture on Instagram with the word “mellon” – the Elvish word for “friend”.

Replying in the comments, Córdova wrote: “Big love mellon”.

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The post comes after a few of the original trilogy stars – namely Dominic Monaghan, Elijah Wood, Billy Boyd & Sean Astin – showed solidarity with the new show’s cast against racist abuse targeted at the series’ diverse actors. The former three were shown wearing T-shirts with elf ears in varying skin tones, and elf tongue translated as “you are all welcome here.” Astin shared a post wearing a hat with the same.

The cast of the show has also condemned the “the relentless racism, threats, harassment & abuse” received, & have highlighted the “fellowship” inherent in Tolkien’s universe, noting that “Middle-earth is not all white” và that “BIPOC belong in Middle-earth và are here khổng lồ stay.”

“Tolkien created a world which, by definition, is multi-cultural. A world in which không lấy phí peoples from different races and cultures join together… to defeat the forces of evil,” the statement adds. “ you are valid, you are loved, & you belong. You are an integral part of the LOTR family – thanks for having our backs.”

Arondir & Brownyn cốt truyện a moment in episode four. CREDIT: Prime Video

In kftvietnam.com‘s four-star đánh giá of The Rings Of Power, we said: “Recently, Tolkien-trolls (not the fun, cave kind) have spilled a Mount Doom-sized pile of vitriol online, stirred up about a perceived intrusion by ‘woke’ culture on their sacred texts.

“But if that small minority stopped hating on the talented, diverse cast for five minutes, they might realise that The Rings Of Power’s fresh faces do some of the most interesting work on the show. As a start, this is an excellent one. Tell Sam Gamgee the tale’s not done yet.”

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