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March 22, 2013

Here are two more answers using the techniques I explained last week:

What vị you think are the most important qualities for friends to have?

Maybe the most important things are that friends need to cốt truyện common interests & be honest with each other. (why?) Friends are people we spend a lot of time with, so it definitely helps if they enjoy doing the same activities or talking about the same topics as we do, & of course we need to lớn be able lớn trust our friends, so honesty is vital for a good friendship. (alternatives / example?) I think I would struggle to become friends with someone who didn’t have anything in common with me, or who wasn’t reliable or trustworthy.

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How important bởi vì you think it is for a person to lớn spend some time alone?

I’d say that it’s essential to spend a bit of time alone, even if it’s just a few minutes a day. (why?) When you have a few minutes lớn yourself, it’s a chance khổng lồ take stock và reflect on things. (why?) Most of us live such busy lives that our brains need time to lớn catch up every now and then. (example / alternatives?) Personally, I try khổng lồ have a bit of “me time” every day; I’ll go for a coffee or find a quiet place to lớn sit and read the newspaper. If I never had any time alone, I think I’d go mad!

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What bởi vì you think are the most important qualities for friends to have?

I think friends should have the characters of being reliable, loyal and supportive. Because being reliable cause the relationship between them to last long and loyalty makes them to lớn trust each other’s sincerity. For example, if you trust your friend lượt thích yourself you will feel không tính phí to mô tả any of your feeling with him or her in order to be relaxed. Supportive unique is a good sense of equality in thoughts with the people whom you feel close to lớn you. Otherwise it would be difficult to strengthen your friendship ties.

How important vì you think it is for a person to spend some time alone?In my opinion spending some time alone with your own feelings is the best way of understanding yourself. Because this loneliness provides an opportunity lớn think over your purposes and plan for future development. As, today, people live and work in a stressful condition having spent a bit of time alone would be relaxing, even healing for them. The similar characteristics of my life also make me avoid being in a crowded places and having a rest with myself alone.

I tried lớn give a relevant và better answer & look forward lớn hearing your any kind of feedback.

Posted by:Fira |March 22, 2013 at 10:58

Answer-1 I believe that friend should have atleast there these qualities.Everyone knows that friend inneed is friend indeed.Last week my friend said to me that he cant promise to lớn solve all my problems but he can promise to be with me in solving problmes. Secondly,he should say anything bad about you in your absence,and if you are wrong then he must say lớn you face to face. Lastly but not least, friend should be there for you after your death.

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Answer-2 Spending small amount of time at the end of day on your own can be helpful.Mainly by doing that you can analyse your mistakes that you have done on that day và plan your future.You can see insight of yourself.For example, yday I was driving above tốc độ limit & was nearly caught by police but luckly escaped as police was looking for something else.I didnt realise that I have drive with tốc độ limit at that time but when I was thinking when I was alone before going to lớn bed I realised what consequences it would have if I was caught,and I decided lớn drive carefully.

Thanks SImon

Posted by:Simon"s trang web follower |March 22, 2013 at 12:03

I personally think that a friend should be trustworthy,supportive và loyal,with whom I can discuss my personal matters which can not be shared with others.At the same time that companion should have capability of keeping things to himself or herself,also help me to make right decision in tricky situations.For example,I had job offers from two employers và I could not decide which one is going to lớn be better on long term basis,so I asked for an opinion of my best friend và she proved herself as a better decision maker than me.

Posted by:manu |March 22, 2013 at 13:06

1)I believe the most important things in friendships are all those positive behaviour such as loyal, trust, honest & understanding. Sometimes as a friend, we have lớn be honest to tell the truth even its very difficult for our friend to lớn accept it. Here, both parties have lớn trust each other & understand in any circumstances in order lớn make our relationship long lasting & positive in future. For example, someone will have so many friend if he or she have these attitude compared lớn those who have negative in friendship like talking nonsense or and stab at the back of their friend.

2)I believe that everyone in this world need some space in their life to lớn be alone some time. I can say that it will be benefited for us to lớn look whatever we have done before, analyse it & plan for the next activities in the future. In addition, it would be beneficial for both workers & management in order khổng lồ make a tough decision so that both parties will accept it without prejudice. That’s why, it always took some time to make a correct decision in any organisation and courts. Personally, I always spent some time alone especially in night before sleep to analyse what I have done that day và analyse it so that I will make a good decision in future or have to vị something for the negative activities have been made.