Photo By: Elin ChowCushion foundations has been huge hit on the foundation market in the recent years, especially in South Korea. It is basically a portable compact containing a sponge-like cushion soaked in liquid foundation or BB/CC creams. The liquid is housed underneath the cushion và when pressed, an appropriate amount of the sản phẩm will be released onto a puff sponge.Cushion foundations are convenient & faster khổng lồ use than traditional foundations. Application is very simple, not time-consuming, and the portable compact actually allows one to vì chưng touch-ups at anytime & anywhere.I have combination skin và usually, the heat, sweat và oil from my skin will cause my makeup lớn smear, smudge and melt. Thus, I am always looking for a makeup foundation that is able beat the heat và last an entire day. A cushion makeup foundation that will keep my skin matte and oil-free for at least 8 hours.So, after reading numerous reviews online, I decided lớn give the Innisfree Long Wear Cushion Foundation a try. This is my first cushion foundation và make up foundation that I have purchased, và I must say, it has not disappointed me.Speaking of which, I am a big tín đồ of theInnisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder. Perhaps, it is also due to lớn my love for the brand that I have decided to lớn give Innisfree Long Wear Cushion Foundationa chance.What Innisfree SaysInnisfree Long Wear Cushion Foundation is a long wear makeup cushion that is strong against sweat & sebum. Containing sebum control powder, the sản phẩm provides 12-hours of long lasting makeup while maintaining a flawless và shine-free looking skin without darkening or dulling out after hours. In addition lớn that, the hàng hóa also comes with powerful SPF 50++ UV protection to lớn help protect the skin from harmful sun rays.

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1. PackagingThe Innisfree Long Wear Cushion Foundation is housed in a plastic compact containing 15g of the product. It comes with a good sized mirror & a small puff for application. There is also an open-flip plastic lid which separates the puff from the foundation-soaked cushion. This prevent the puff from directly touching the sản phẩm to keep it clean at all times.

The packaging is not very heavy, which makes it easy to lớn carry it around for any cảm biến up. I can simply toss it into my bag without having khổng lồ worry about spillage. The airtight packaging also keep the sản phẩm fresh and clean, but make sure you close the lid back properly to lớn avoid the hàng hóa from drying up.The cushion foundation is available in three different shades - No.13 Light Beige, No.21 Natural Beigh và No. 23 True Beige. A darker shade No.31 was recently launched to lớn suit darker skin tone. I bought the No.23 True Beige because this was the darkest shade that Innisfree offered at the time of my purchase.

I actually find that the shades offered by Innisfree are a little lighter than many other Korean brands. But luckily, the shade I got is very natural và matches my skin tone perfectly.I accidentally bought the năm ngoái limited edition packaging released by Innisfree to lớn commemorate its 15th anniversary. While the liquid formula is the same, the kiến thiết of the cushion foundation case is different. However, I bởi not really like the flower pattern on the case as I prefer simple and minimal design.2. Smell
Similar to theInnisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder, the cushion foundation has a very fresh, herbal tea-like scent, which will dissipate immediately once you pat the sản phẩm onto your skin. The scent is very pleasant và refreshing, but some people might not like the herbal tea-like scent.3. Long-wearThe Innisfree Long Wear Cushion Foundation has definitely deliver what it has promised. I am happy that this hàng hóa did lived up to its long-wear claims, giving an amazing matte finish without drying my skin.

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The formula delivers a delightfully cooling sensation to the skin when applied, ideal for the summer hot weather. It is great at controlling the excessive sweat & sebum on my face, keeping my skin bright & smooth all day. I could not believe that my makeup still look good after 8 hours without being smudged by sweat và sebum.But unlike many other Korean BB creams or cushion foundation in the market, the Innisfree Long Wear Cushion Foundation does not give a dewy or glowy finish. It is impossible lớn achieve a dewy look while keeping it matte at the same time.This is a very lightweight foundation, ideal for hot & humid weather. My skin does not feel sticky after application as it will usually do. I love it for its ease of use, lightness and long wearability.4. Coverage
Surprisingly, the Innisfree Long Wear Cushion Foundation has fairly good coverage, although it does not provide full coverage. A light layer of it is good enough lớn even out my skin tone, reduce redness and appearance of pimples on my skin. This is an oil-free foundation that provides weightless & buildable coverage. It is easy to lớn apply và blends in naturally and beautifully with the soft puff applicator, fading blemishes và minimizing the appearance of pores with each application.

This sản phẩm actually comes with high sun protection with SPF 50++. But you might still want khổng lồ put on your usual sunscreen underneath the foundation, although I did not. I simply do not like the feeling of putting sunscreen on under my makeup, so this sản phẩm just offered the perfect solution for that.5. Price
However, the bad thing about cushion foundation is that you will get less product for the same amount you paid. I bought the Innisfree Long Wear Cushion Foundation online from for RM 75. Comparing to many other Korean cushion foundations in the market,this productis not the most expensive among all. But it was not the cheapest too.For the RM 75 I paid, I basically got 15g of the product. The packaging of the cushion foundation is small for the price & I have lớn keep re-purchasing this product again and again because it finishes up faster than traditional foundations. So, simply speaking, I am actually spending more for convenience.How lớn UsePress down on the cushion with a puff to lớn release an appropriate amount of the liquid formula. Apply lightly by gently dabbing the puff along the skin to lớn get coverage. Please remember not lớn rub the product into your skin as this will make your face look dry & cakey.

Basically, this product provides light lớn medium coverage. You can gradually build up coverage by adding more light layers lớn achieve a flawless and perfectly natural look. Once you are done, mix your makeup with a translucent powder, which will help lớn smooth the look of your makeup và remove any excess oil và shine. For people with oily or combination skin lượt thích me, I would really recommend the Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder. This powder will help khổng lồ control extra sweat & sebum và reduce shine on your face, giving your skin a smooth and matte finish.Please remember khổng lồ clean the puff regularly not only to prevent sản phẩm build up, but largely for hygiene purposes. Final Thoughts
Unfortunately, this sản phẩm might not suitable for people with dry or sensitive skin or even for people who prefer heavy coverage. I find that the foundation would not sit very well on dry skin without becoming patchy & cakey. For people with dry or sensitive skin, I would recommend you khổng lồ get the Innisfree Water Glow Cushion Foundation instead. Specifically caters lớn dry or sensitive skin, the Innisfree Water Glow Cushion Foundation fills your skin with moisture, giving it a radiant and glowy look.
However, this sản phẩm is absolutely perfect for people with oily or combination skin like me. The makeup stay strong against sweat and sebum all day and the effect is almost long-lasting. Often, you will not need any touch up. Cushion foundations are rarely oil-controlling, matte finishing or long-wear because it has to lớn stay moist in the cushion, & hence, are usually catered specially to lớn people with dry skin. Thus, finding a Korean cushion foundation for oily or combination is always not easy. I am glad that Innisfree has launched the Long Wear Cushion Foundation specially for people with oily or combination skin like me.Although it is slightly expensive, I will still re-purchase this sản phẩm again since it works amazingly well on my skin. This is just great for every day natural look và I would definitely recommend this product to anyone (specifically to lớn people with oily or combination skin) looking for an oil-free makeup that will help you khổng lồ stay matte all day.