How lớn reboot a Mobell Nova F Mini

If you notice that your Mobell Nova F Mini hangs, stays frozen or "thinking" for a long time, it does not react, perhaps because it is overloaded và you have thought about restarting quickly to không tính phí up its RAM memory, in just three steps we will indicate you how to restart it.A restart does not erase any data, it only consists of turning the device off and on again, if you want khổng lồ erase all the content and restore the factory, consult the following tutorial: How khổng lồ restore a Mobell Nova F Mini.Before restarting, you must bear in mind that you must know the sạc pin code of the SIM card và the unlock pattern or password of the Nova F Mini, since it will request it when it is turned on again.

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Estimated time: 2 minutes.

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1- First step:

Press & hold the nguồn or unlock button on the Mobell Nova F Mini until a screen with various options appears.


2- Second step:

Among the options that are displayed on the screen of the Mobell Nova F Mini we choose "Restart". If a confirmation message appears, press accept.


3- Third step:

The device will turn off and on again khổng lồ perform the reboot, wait a few seconds or minutes. When it is turned on again, it will request the pin sạc code of the SIM card & the pattern, fingerprint or unlock code.


How lớn restart the Mobell Nova F Mini if it is not responding?

If you cannot restart the Mobell Nova F Mini since it is blocked & the previous method does not work, we must proceed khổng lồ turn it off and turn it on again using the physical buttons.To force a shutdown on your Nova F Mini press and hold the power nguồn button (or unlock button) for at least 8 seconds until the Mobell or apk logo appears on the screen và release the button while it turns on again.

If the device still does not respond & you cannot restart it, it is possible that it is low on enough battery, in that case connect the Nova F Mini khổng lồ its charger and try the procedure again.If it continues without responding & does not turn on or has entered a loop, it is possible that some internal component such as the motherboard, memory, screen or even the power nguồn button has been damaged so you will have to lớn repair it or resort to lớn the warranty.