Something in the rain

On Jung Hae-in's birthday, here's looking back at his close friendship with Something In The Rain co-star Son Ye-jin và Snowdrop actor Jisoo.

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Jung Hae-in shared screen space with Son Ye-jin and Jisoo in Something In The Rain and Snowdrop, respectively. (Photos: Netflix, Disney Plus Hotstar)

After playing supporting roles in shows like While You Were Sleeping and Prison Playbook, Jung Hae-in proved his mettle with the lead role in saccharine drama Something In The Rain, also starring with Son Ye-jin. The show chronicled the romance between an older woman và her best friend’s younger brother. The Jung Hae-in and Son Ye-jin-starrer got both domestic & international recognition, & will even have an Indian remake soon.

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Something In The Rain is exactly as it sounds – a mushy, treacly drama that even die-hard romantics might find a bit excessively sweet to digest. The first five episodes have cutesy glances, sneaky kisses & confessions, & the rest that follow have several confrontations that are resolved within the episode itself. Nevertheless, the show has its merits which include emotional payoffs for both the leads.

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The camaraderie between Jung Hae-in and Son Ye-jin is refreshing khổng lồ watch in Something In The Rain, và the stars have often spoken about their close friendship. In fact, Jung Hae-in was expected to be one of the guests at Son Ye-jin’s recent wedding with Hyun Bin.

A still from Something In The Rain (Photo: Netflix)

During one of their promotional interviews for the show, the duo were asked about their first impressions of each other. Jung Hae-in said that he was nervous around her and “didn’t know where khổng lồ look”. He said, “I knew that she was very pretty as I had watched her in a lot of films. But seeing her in real life, I was totally startled. I thought she was such a goddess. My heart fluttered. I didn’t know where khổng lồ look. So when I first saw her, I was a little lượt thích that.” He quipped, “I think that day I drank a lot of alcohol.” Later, Jung Hae-in said, “It has become better now as we got closer, but at first my eyes kept turning elsewhere, while looking at her.”

Son Ye-jin added, “I thought he looked better in real life too. His skin is really nice too.”

Jung Hae-in is one of the few actors who can create chemistry effortlessly with all his co-stars, despite his self-professed initial hesitation & worry. After Something In The Rain, Jung Hae-in showcased his versatility with shows like DP, in which he was in charge of tracking down military deserters, & the extremely controversial Snowdrop, in which he was a North Korean spy in love with a student, played by Blackpink’s Jisoo. Though the show was slammed for allegedly distorting history, the chemistry between Jisoo & Jung Hae-in was praised, giving rise lớn dating rumours as well. In an interview with Elle, Jung Hae-in spoke fondly of Jisoo & her “positive energy”. He said, “I was happy khổng lồ be Jisoo’s co-star in her first acting role. I learned a lot from her during the process of making Snowdrop. Judging from the leadership she showed on the set, I’m sure she will do just fine in her future works.”