Today we are going to lớn take a quick look at the TP-Link 5-Port gigabit PoE switch or simply the TP-Link TL-SG1005P. Since summer is a slower time, and STH is in the middle of a studio move, we are doing a little PoE switch series. We wanted lớn take a quick look at something below the Netgear GS108PP 8-Port PoE+ switch so we decided to đánh giá a lower-end switch from TP-Link.

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TP-Link TL-SG1005P Hardware Overview

This is a very simple switch. There are five RJ45 1GbE ports on front. Four of these five have two LEDs. That is because four of the five ports are PoE ports. The fifth port is an uplink port without PoE.

TP link TL SG1005P Front

Something we vày not lượt thích about how TP-Link sometimes markets this is they refer to lớn it as “4 port PoE + 1 Uplink port” in listings on sites such as Amazon. This is confusing since some may see that “PoE +” as “PoE+”. It is not. The PoE (802.3af) ports provide a maximum of 15.4W per port, not closer to lớn double that we see with PoE+. If you want khổng lồ learn more about the key differences of PoE vs PoE+ vs PoE++ switches we have a STH guide. We get an external 70W nguồn supply for the unit which is more than ample.

TP liên kết TL SG1005P PSU and Accessories

This is rated as a 56W PoE switch. 4 ports x 15.4W = 61.6W so that is a bit of an interesting rating especially given the 70W PSU.

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The rear of the unit is fairly simple except for a lock port và a power input port. The power input is 53.5V 1.31A which is just an interesting choice.

TP links TL SG1005P Rear

Inside the switch, we see a relatively simple PCB. There is even a small heatsink on the switch cpu which is interesting since it uses well under 4W.

TP link TL SG1005P Internal

With the unit, & unlike the PoE+ Netgear GS108PP 8-Port PoE+ switch we just reviewed, we bởi not get many mounting options with the included hardware. One can use screws lớn screw the unit in place but that hardware was not included. Rack ears were not either which makes sense given this desktop segment. One can see in one of the photos above và in this photo below that there are four spots for rubber feet. These rubber feet are included.

TP links TL SG1005P Under Side

It is fairly interesting that we chiến bại 3 ports of 1GbE or 4 PoE ports as well as PoE+ support, half the nguồn delivery capacity, & lose mounting options all to lớn save $30 here.