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My Talking Tom
Outfit7 Limited
Unlimited Money
Android 5.0

My Talking Tom, a virtual pet game, has become a legend in the virtual animal game world. With xinh đẹp talking mèo Tom and a series of interactive pet activities, this trò chơi will địa chỉ cửa hàng a fresh màu sắc to your life.

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Introduce about My Talking TomMOD game android version of My Talking Tom

Introduce about My Talking Tom

A lovely, charming virtual pet trò chơi for everyone!

Various activities và minigames

Revolving around the life of a true pet cat, My Talking Tom will let you experience all practical actions when raising a cat: wake him up, feed, comfort him, play together, walk, let him go to lớn the toilet, change his clothes, lull him, chat with him…

In addition khổng lồ these activities, you also have a series of mini-games to play and earn points. They are Talking Tom Gold Run, Talking Tom Jetski, Happy Connect, Hit The Road, Go Up, Rocket Run… Each game is different và has its good. Importantly, after playing, you can get valuable rewards (like a new Tom suit) for your cute pet.

That’s not khổng lồ say that playing My Talking Tom isn’t a challenge. The challenge here is patience because although Tom is a cute cat, sometimes it’s quite naughty. Usually, Tom is easy to lớn eat but sometimes he is also a picky eater. Normally, Tom is very good at cleaning (taking a bath, brushing teeth, cleaning…) but sometimes, he frowns & refuses to do it.


You also need khổng lồ take care of Tom’s appearance & mental health. Take Tom shopping, take it for a walk, hang out or join the game’s minigames, then go trang chủ to let it sleep, turn off the lights, và say good night…

If being well taken care of, Tom will grow up fast. Every birthday, Tom will be upgraded & have more new features with new mischievous pranks. Feed him & play with him day by day. The game thus goes on without end.

The trò chơi for everyone

Yes, My Talking Tom is a game for everyone. Operation is extremely easy, you just need to touch the screen where you need khổng lồ interact, và you’re done. Children và adults can play freely without limit. Everything you need to know, observe, or learn is displayed on the screen neatly. Obviously, the game was designed khổng lồ be accessible lớn everyone. Anyone can play it without having lớn be a người chơi or someone professional.

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In addition, the lovely, diverse colors and familiar objects appear on the screen, increasing the intimacy of the game to the players. You will immediately feel that you are part of this world.

Beautiful graphics and bustling sound

My Talking Tom uses 3d graphic design. Cat character Tom is shaped quite cute & lovely but not too childish. All activities, details, và objects revolve around the cat. All of them are designed in detail, meticulous, và very similar khổng lồ real life. Touching, handling all situations by yourself, và interacting with a series of cool things can make you feel lượt thích it’s happening. This is indeed one of the big reasons for the success of My Talking Tom. I especially lượt thích Tom’s expression. Winking smile, shy smile, licking lips… Tom has all the actions you can see in a real-life pet. Those actions of Tom are even more vivid when they are combined with some measures khổng lồ humanize emotions.

But if that was all, it would turn out khổng lồ be quite monotonous. Now let’s talk about the significant contribution of the sound. Tom has a clear and pleasant voice. Interestingly, it can talk to you guys. The voice parody function in My Talking Tom works quite well, creating a lively effect, which is loved so much by children. The other sounds of items, of completing minigames also bring quite a bit of fun khổng lồ the game.

If you want more, we have part 2 available, My Talking Tom 2.

Download My Talking Tom APK và MOD for Android

My Talking Tom virtual cát game will bring a perfect relaxing moment for your tiring day. Relax with the cat’s adorable voice và expressions, or play this trò chơi with your children, then your heart will soften. Playing with the cat, children will also learn how to lớn care for, love, và take care of pets. So interesting, isn’t it?