Tokyo ghoul:re chapter 172

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Pg 1: Nico walks over to Donato’s disembodied head. Helaughs and comments that Donato lost. He extends kagune towards the head andpauses. He turns toward Amon. Amon gets up & Donato’s head speaks, sayingthat they’re going.

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Pg 2: Donato says that after he gained leadership of theclowns he tried to lớn be as evil as he possibly could. He tells Amon thathe hated his own inadequacy và resonated in his ghoul natured. He looked formeaning in his existence in what he ate & delighted in killing the childrenin the orphanage. He says that he was every bit the villain that Amon knew himto be.

Pg 3: Donato tells Amon that he doesn’t care how many arekilled or how many turn into ghouls during this apocalyptic event. He says thatman is cunning and as time passes man & his cities will return. He says thatthe more that die and break the better & it’s lượt thích tilling a field. He tellsAmon that he won’t be able lớn see the harvest but he knows that it will be abountiful reaping. Donato says that meeting his fate at the hands of Amon was afitting end và begins to lớn laugh.

Pg 4: Amon tells him that he enjoyed the doughnuts that Donatomade them as snacks. He says that he came with blankets on cold nights and theymade a grave for the dog they took in that died. Donato scoffs và tells him thathe ate every single child of that collective. He asks Amon if he’s stillnostalgic for those days.

Pg 5: Amon says that he is. He tells Donato that he tries toforget those days and hate Donato but for him the days that he spent in the orphanageare important to lớn him. He tells Donato that he is an orphan và he knows thatDonato is a villain and a ghoul.

Pg 6: Amon cries, asking if it’s a son’s fault for lovinghis father. Donato sees his tears và begins to lớn laugh.

Pg 7: Donato laughs with tears in his eyes. The narrationstates that his laughter rang out until he died.

Pg 8: The scene changes khổng lồ men on the ground moving topursue Owl. Touka sits next to Saiko and looks out the window at them. Saikocalls for Kaneki (maman).

Pg 9: The scene changes to lớn Kaneki and Furuta facing offunderground. Furuta says that he wasn’t expecting to see Kaneki & he wasmeant to just be an offering for Dragon. He asks Kaneki why he’s there & asksif he was planning khổng lồ try to stop him.

Pg 10: Kaneki unleashes a massive kagune, knocking the gasmask off Furuta’s face. Furuta falls back, yelling in surprise. He tells Kanekithat he’s supposed lớn ask him stuff before attacking. He says that he knowsthat he has a lot lớn say to lớn him.

Pg 11: Kaneki tells Furuta that he doesn’t care. Furutarecoils, thinking that Kaneki seems serious.

Pg 12: Kaneki begins attacking, striking at Furuta with hiskagune as Furuta runs. Narration by Furuta states that Furuta ran from him andall of the things that he had prepared to say to lớn Kaneki about the Dragon,Washuu, and jokes raced through his mind.

Pg 13: Furuta becomes pinned against a wall & he tellsKaneki that he really is strong. He asks if chasing around someoneinsignificant lượt thích him is really befitting khổng lồ a King like him. Kaneki readiesanother attack & Furuta shouts at him khổng lồ stop.

Pg 14: Kaneki is attacked by gigantic spiked kagune (notethat it is unclear on this page where these kagune are coming from. They seemto differ in appearance from Kaneki’s kagune và Furuta is shown below with nothingextending from him so this page is somewhat difficult to interpret).

Pg 15: Furuta holds his hands to his head & begins tolaugh, saying that he’s going khổng lồ trip Kaneki up. He says that he’s the sameidiot as he always was by trying to lớn play the lone hero again và getting his waywith force. He asks Kaneki when he’ll learn and says that he’d never chiến bại tothe likes of him. Kaneki gets to his feet.

Pg 16: Furuta approaches Kaneki and tells him that he’sactually pretty strong.

Pg 17: Kaneki stands up và looks at Furuta. He cracks afinger.

Tokyo Kushu tokyo ghoul tokyo ghoul re kaneki ken furuta nimura chapter 172 boss Touka Kirishima saiko yonebayashi Amon Koutarou donato porpora
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Pg 1: Touka crouches beside Kaneki. The Quinx squadapproaches & sees him.

Pg 2: Touka looks down at Kaneki’s body. Urie begins areport.

Pg 3: Urie reports back that they found the main toàn thân and itdoesn’t appear lớn be moving. The CCG excitedlytell them to lớn keep an eye on his status and begin extraction.

Pg 4: Touka & the Quinx look down at Kaneki. The CCGreports to them that they’d like to retrieve the target for further analysisafter extraction.

Pg 5: Touka & the Quinx begin working with blades to lớn cutKaneki out of the monster. Urie receives a report that Hsiao & Aura will meetthem back on solid ground.

Pg 6: Mutsuki tells Urie that Aura was just following afterMutsuki. Urie tells Mutsuki to hurry up with the extraction because they don’thave much time. They look down at Kaneki and Urie says that they need to gethim out now.

Pg 7: Urie begins to lớn lift Kaneki & the tissue connectinghim lớn the mass begins lớn break.

Pg 8: Tendrils rise up out of the ground & begin targetingUrie. Urie dodges & Kaneki begins khổng lồ be pulled back into the monster.

Pg 9: More tendrils surround them. Saiko unleashes herkagune and begins to defend Urie. The tendrils swell and explode in front ofher.

Pg 10: The explodedtendril appears to lớn infect Saiko’s kagune, causing it khổng lồ mutate. Her normal eye also becomes a kakugan (possibly implying that whatever was contained in the tendril transformed her into a ghoul). More tendrils grabat Kaneki. Urie tells Touka to hold Kaneki up so he can cut them.

Pg 11: Urie uses his kagune to lớn cut Kaneki free. Touka holdsKaneki and they begin to run away.

Pg 12: One of the monster’s eyes swells và bursts. Urieturns and wonders if it is self-destructing because Kaneki was removed from it.

Pg 13: The boss begins khổng lồ implode. The biped monstersturn towards the main body and retreat towards it. The CCG fighting notice thatthey are leaving and wonder if Kaneki was retrieved.

Pg 14: Inside tents the scientists monitoring the quái nhân realizethat it seems to lớn be entering its collapse phase. Marude asks Kimi if she isn’t going lớn celebrate.

Pg 15: Kimi says that she isn’t. Outside Juuzou wonders ifthey retrieved Kaneki. Urie walks back holding Kaneki in his arms.

Pg 16: The scene changes khổng lồ the 19th ward. A manwith kakugan eats a human on the ground while apologizing. Two men who appearto be members of V walk by.

Pg 17: A V thành viên walks past someone vomiting. Someone liesin a bed moaning. Furuta comes upon an egg-like structure in the ground alongwith other members of V and says that it’s what he was hoping for (Note thatthis page & the previous page seem lớn imply that normal humans may be actingas ghouls. The man on this page in the bed appears lớn have been shown in chapter 145 in bed with a child, now he is alone surrounded by debris & what may be bones).


Pg 8: Haise says that he would have been satisfied if hecould continue living with everyone in the chateau and continuing to work withArima và Akira. Eyepatch Kaneki tells him that he doesn’t think that he couldlive lượt thích that forever. They begin discussing why they lost again. One Kanekisays that if he would have noticed that Mutsuki was off since the Rue Islandoperation then the Goat base might not have been destroyed. Another Kaneki asksabout Cochlea & if he would have been fine letting everyone die. A differentKaneki shouts that he can’t save everyone.

Pg 9: The Kanekis flash back to lớn the fight lớn see why helost. He thinks that it was likely because of Hanbee because he gave Juuzousuch good backup. He says that the fact that he sacrificed himself lớn get anattack in was shrewd. Kaneki cracks his finger và says that they should justkill Hanbee. Associate Special Class Sasaki shouts at him that the fight isalready over. A Kaneki says that in reality their limbs are gone & an importantperson is going to be killed soon as well as the ghouls in their organization.One Kaneki says they should have decided everything with a tournament and the othertells him that they would have lost a tournament too. Another Kaneki arguesthat the reality will break them so they are trying to lớn blend it withfantastical imaginings. Associate Special Class Sasaki và Kaneki continue tofight and Haise steps in lớn get them khổng lồ calm down.

Pg 10: Kaneki thinks that he won’t get lớn see Touka again.He wonders if he is going lớn die & why it turned out like it did. He thinksthat he wants khổng lồ see Touka.

Pg 11: The Kanekis all say they want khổng lồ see Touka again too.One says that he hadn’t decided on a name for the child and since Touka’s badat Japanese she might give it a weird name. Kaneki thinks that he can’t move afinger or toe but his head is attached and he can breathe & bite và crawl.

Pg 12: The images at the vị trí cao nhất all show Kaneki during iconicmoments throughout Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul :re. He decides that he needs toeliminate all the things around him in his way (note that here he decides that he is going to kill & eat humans, something that he has never done before). He thinks that he must pressforward like a centipede.

Pg 13: Kaneki springs forward & bites Hajime’s face off.The Oggai run towards Hajime và Hajime wonders what happened to lớn his face. Heis impaled in the head by Kaneki’s kagune.

Pg 14: The Oggai panic & begin to lớn run towards Kaneki. They are confused about fighting him because they were given orders by Furuta to only capture him, not kill him. Kaneki turns his kagune on them and begins to hack the Oggai to pieces.

Pg 15: Kaneki slaughters the Oggai và thinks that he wantsto go to lớn Touka.

Pg 16: Furuta’s men feel the ground trembling & wonder ifit’s an earthquake. Around the corner agigantic kagune tendril snakes out. They see that it is a mass of Kanekis. Aman is pierced through the head and Furuta comments that it looks like Kanekiate the Oggai lượt thích he was supposed to. He shouts at his men to lớn not run. (note that Furuta tells Kaneki of his plan back in chapter 101 of :re)


Pg 6: Ayato arrives with the ghouls he found underground andasks what they need to bởi now. The scene changes to Kanou standing at hismother’s grave.

Pg 7: Kanou says that his father’s entire life & half ofhis own life was spent in futile efforts. He says that the fact that he wasable to lớn complete his task is his only saving grace. Kanou addresses Kuro, whois standing behind him, và says that he hopes that there is a saving grace leftfor her too. Kanou compliments her onfinding the grave & says that he had wanted khổng lồ visit it in peace.

Pg 8: Kuro knocks the umbrella from Kanou with her kagune.Kuro tells him lớn cut the crap & Kanou comments that Furuta was able to lớn come through.Kanou says that the ghoul information that the Washuu tried to lớn keep in the darkwill come khổng lồ light thanks khổng lồ Kaneki.

Pg 9: Kanou says that perhaps ghoul research will get movingagain và people will realize that it has applications in medicine because allthey’ve done is make weapons. Kanou tells Kuro that the Washuu are a ghoul clanthat came from the middle east that practiced cannibalism over & over.

Pg 10: Kanou says that they are kakuja from birth và theirblood holds profound power, which is the reason that he used Rize’s kakuhou. Hesays that he experimented in many ways và gave Furuta a nucleus. He says thatKaneki has eaten his mass produced goods & taken up the nucleus.

Pg 11: Kanou says that the cage breaks (recall thatthroughout Tokyo Ghoul many characters talk about the twisted cage thatcontains their world). Kuro says that if Kaneki destroys the city then none ofthat will matter. Kanou says that he wouldn’t mind a bit. Kuro says that hisselfishness dragged her sister & her into this. She tells him to die andatone but he says that he has no interest in atonement because he has noregrets. Kanou takes a gun from his coat và says that he envies her because heis not kind enough to hold a grudge.


Pg 11: Kaneki transforms into a kakuja. Kaneki thinks thathe isn’t sure who lớn thank for being able lớn realize what was happening so hecould return in time. He thinks that he will protect and has lived until nowfor this moment.

Pg 12: Kaneki lies on the ground, severely injured with hislimbs missing.

Pg 13: Hanbee is severely injured & is taken away by themedical team. Kaneki lies on the ground và wills himself khổng lồ heal. Furutastands over him và says that it’s all over. He tells S3 squad to continueahead to a route that connects the underground route.

Pg 14: Furuta smiles & tells Kaneki that he lost. He saysthat due lớn Juuzou and Hanbee they managed lớn defeat him. He says that Kanekifought lượt thích an enraged demon and if either of them had faltered then he wouldhave won. He tells Kaneki that the S3 squad will destroy the rest of hisorganization & says that he sealed E14 ahead of time.

Pg 15: Someone addresses Furuta và he tells them that whenhe is done talking to lớn Kaneki he will join them. Furuta tells Kaneki that hedidn’t doubt that he would kết thúc up lượt thích this & would have had a “feeling” andreturned on his own. He says that when it matters most he only relies on himself.He tells Kaneki that he doesn’t learn và asks if he’d already forgotten aboutAnteiku. Kaneki continues khổng lồ try to move & Furuta tells him that he’s lượt thích aworm và he’s reached his limit. He asks Hajime to present him with the “gifts”and Hajime tells him that they made him work for it.

Pg 16: Kaneki is presented with the heads of S0 children.Hajime says that he can’t believe that he used khổng lồ look up lớn Kaneki. Furutaleaves và asks Hajime lớn take care of Kaneki. (Hereis a liên kết to an explaination of the Daruma reference on this page that was not originally present in the MS translation)

Pg 17: The words “Game over” appear as Furuta walks away.

Pg 18: Touka and the other ghouls encounter Furuta’s menwithin E14. They announce over the radio that they are moving to lớn eliminate theghouls.

Tokyo Kushu tokyo ghoul tokyo ghoul re furuta nimura chapter 143 Arima Kishou kaneki ken Touka Kirishima goat black goat hajime suzuya juuzou juuzou squad arata shinohara hanbee abara
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Pg 1: Kanae is thinking about Hori’s words from the over of the last chapter. Mirumo asks Kanae if he could bring Shuu a glass of wine (made from fermented blood, not grapes).

Pg 2: Credits

Pg 3: Kanae walks across the ground and thinks about Hori talking about ways khổng lồ save Shuu. He wonders why he is feeling lost because Mirumo took care of him from a young age, therefore he can’t abandon them.

Pg 4: Flashback khổng lồ Kanae as a child on a rainy day. Mirumo tells Kanae khổng lồ give Shuu an umbrella. Kanae walks outside & recites a German rain poem. He sees Shuu in the rain và thinks that he’s beautiful. He begins khổng lồ approach him with the umbrella và then stops.

Pg 5: Tsukiyama asks Hori khổng lồ start taking pictures of him in the rain but she tells him that she won’t. Kanae gets angry seeing them together, especially considering that Hori is a human he hangs around.

Pg 6: He thinks that he didn’t want Tsukiyama to show a mere human the same smile that he gives him. In the cellar Kanae is picking out a bottle of blood wine when Aliza, another servant, tearfully summons Kanae.

Pg 7: Kanae enters the room with the other servants to see Shuu’s kagune erupting from under his blanket. Kanae tells the others that he will handle it and one of Shuu’s kagune lashes out towards them.

Pg 8: Shuu emerges from beneath the blanket, his kagune out of control & his face distorted. Kanae brings his own kagune out while apologizing và Shuu strikes at him.

Pg 9: Kanae uses his kagune to lớn try khổng lồ block the blow and blood starts leaking from his mouth. Shuu begins screaming that he is the Gourmet & demands the ultimate dish lớn satisfy him.

Pg 10: Kanae manages to pierce & pin down Shuu & he screams for the other servants. The other servants force Shuu’s mouth xuất hiện and pour a powder into his mouth.

Pg 11: After calming down, the servants place Shuu back in bed. Shuu asks Kanae why everyone is there và Kanae lies, saying that they were cleaning. Shuu thanks everyone & apologizes for his current state.

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Pg 12: Shuu tells Kanae that the family is in his hands & Kanae cries.

Pg 13: Kanae runs through the estate, screaming and crying. He comes upon a tree and begins smashing his face into it, thinking the word “hate” in German repeatedly.

Pg 14: Kanae collapse on the ground và thinks that he hates Hori, Kaneki, Haise, và even his loyalty (because he feels lượt thích he can’t abandon Shuu).

Pg 15: An investigator drunkenly stumbles through what appears khổng lồ be an underground subway station. He is approached by several ghouls wearing veils & turns towards them, showing that he is the investigator Furuta.

Pg 16: The ghouls realize that they are now surrounded by investigators. Kijima compliments Furuta on his ability as a decoy. He addresses the ghouls as part of the “Rose” group và says that even without kagune traces they could predict where they would strike. The ghouls realize that it was a trap and begin attacking the investigators.

Pg 17: Matsumae (the ghoul with Kanae at the auction) is among the veiled ghouls. She uses her detachable kagune lớn build a wall in an attempt lớn escape. As they turn lớn leave they are confronted by Hairu and other investigators behind them.

Pg 18: The outside of Hysy, the ghoul mask cửa hàng is shown. It appears the same as it was in TG. Uta is sketching while wearing headphones. Haise approaches the door & knocks.


Pg 19: Haise enters Hysy và asks Uta if the store is open. Uta says that he is and beckons Haise inside.

Tokyo Kushu tokyo ghoul tokyo ghoul re tooru mutsuki urie kuki saiko yonebayashi sasaki haise kaneki ken touka kirishima uta shirazu ginshi nutcracker hairu ihei matsumae tsukiyama shuu kijima furata chapter 35 dependence furuta nimura rosewald investigation
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Pg 1: Cover page

Pg 2: Flashback to a young ghoul child shown killing humans.The narration text states that she never had any parents as far back as shecould remember. At age 7 she killed her first human and over time she begankilling ghouls to lớn protect her hunting grounds. She became bored & jealous ofhumans, wanting to lớn poke at their nests. She created the clowns.

Pg 3: The girl is revealed to lớn be Roma, aged 51, real nameunknown. Roma sits alone in a cell. The narration text states that the Dovesdon’t know she founded the clowns & the clowns don’t know whose garden they playin.

Pg 4: Flashback to the inside of Cochlea. Rio begs Kijima tosee his brother, Kijima says that he might let him see his brother later andwarns him that he might find him smaller than he remembers. Rio lies on the ground. Cochlea is suddenlybreached by Aogiri.

Pg 5: Tatara approaches Roma & refers khổng lồ her as “Gypsy”,the SS rate clown. Tatara says that he will free her in exchange for her power.Roma tells him that she doesn’t want to get on stage và would rather watchwhat happens. She says that she wouldn’t fit in with their dogma. Tatara tellsher khổng lồ die then & unleashes his kagune at her.

Pg 6: Roma jumps over him and thanks him for freeing her.Eto approaches Tatara and says that she found Rio, who has gone insane but isable to lớn use all types of kagune. Later Uta cuts Roma’s hair & he tells herthat someone interesting showed up while she was gone.

Pg 7: Uta tells her that a one-eyed ghoul is working atAnteiku (Kaneki) & she says that she should get a part-time job there (recall that Roma debuted in chapter 84 of TG working in Anteiku, shortly after a Cochlea break-in). Hetells her that a new face of the clowns has come forward (Furuta) và callshimself a ghoul investigator. He says that Furuta had a CCG badge andshowed it to him and he laughed at it. The scene changes khổng lồ thepresent, Urie is stabbed from behind by a heavily disfigured Roma. She tellshim that the common enemy of ghouls & humans alike is boredom.


Pg 17: Ghouls begin retreating underground. Yomo turnstowards Mutsuki and Aura và they phản hồi that he looks strong.

Pg 18: Touka leads several others down a hallway. Toukasteps on a body toàn thân part & looks down. She looks ahead to lớn see Hajime blocking herpath. He tells her that it’s a dead end.

Tokyo Kushu tokyo ghoul tokyo ghoul re Touka Kirishima kaneki ken Aura Shinsanpei tooru mutsuki oggai yomo eto yoshimura Kijima roma shikorae furuta nimura urie kuki kuroiwa iwao goat chapter 135 night comes
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Pg 1: Flashback khổng lồ Juuzou entering the hospital lớn visit Shinohara (his oldpartner). He sees flowers already left for him on the table (possibly implying that Touka was the one who brought them).


The fact that his squad members died saving a civilian previously is also probably why Hachikawa didn’t attempt khổng lồ save the old woman when fighting Irimi at the Anteiku raid.


Pg 14: Kaiko says that Kuzen is so dead. Kaneki sees that Eto cut her hair và he compliments it. Eto says that she wanted to lớn take care of it before the big day. She tells him she has a request.

Pg 15: She says that they decided lớn have an interview about Takatsuki’s final work and asks him if she would join her. She says that he has khổng lồ watch her anyway and he agrees. At the :re café Touka and Yomo watch her broadcast.

Pg 16; A large number of ghouls và investigators are shown watching Eto’s broadcast, including Aogiri ghouls & the Q squad. Eto says that talking lớn a large number of people is lượt thích the black Goat’s Egg. She thanks them for letting her announce her work và says before that she has another announcement. In the far right panel in Cochlea Hinami is told that her execution date has been confirmed. On the top left a man looks at the sky from the top of a cliff (it appears lớn be Tatara but since his figure is so dark it is impossible to lớn confirm). In the bottom right panel a bearded man leads what appear to lớn be hooded ghouls (It seems lượt thích it could be Shachi, but againit is difficult to lớn say with certainty).

Pg 17: Eto says that she is a ghoul (similar to lớn Kaneki in TG 63). She says that she wrote her final work for her fellow ghouls who hunger for blood và flesh và were born wrong with her.


Tokyo Kushu touka tokyo ghoul eto tokyo ghoul re kaneki ken sasaki haise urie kuki tooru mutsuki saiko yonebayashi seidou takizawa shikorae hachikawa chuu hogi ayumu torso renji yomo Touka Kirishima hinami fueguchi higemaru touma aura shinsanpei chapter 63 Rue Island/Cochlea furuta nimura
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Pg 1: Mutsuki holds up Yoriko’s hand & comments that shewas uncompliant during her arrest & says that she was suspected of harboringghouls because she knew about Touka và stayed silent. Mutsuki asks Touka to lớn goback to lớn the station to have a chat.

Pg 2: Touka kicks Mutsuki & Mutsuki goes flying. Toukasays she’s never heard of Yoriko and clenches her fist.

Pg 3: The scene changes khổng lồ Aura attacking Kaneki. He extendshis kagune & attempts lớn stab Kaneki, Kaneki jumps lớn dodge him. He lands onhis feet and rolls lớn avoid another attack.

Pg 4: Aura continues lớn swipe at Kaneki while Kaneki dodges.Aura steps on Kaneki’s foot và manages to land a blow. Aura smiles.

Pg 5: Kaneki tells Aura that he’s not that much of apushover. He extends his own kagune and begins attacking Aura. He impales Aurawith an attack from below.

Pg 6: Aura screams on the ground. Kaneki tells him he should have known how long it would take for the suppressants to lớn kick in. The Oggai arrive on bicycles. Kaneki questions the bicycles and a member tells him that they are still under 18 (meaning they can’t drive cars). One thành viên commands theothers to lớn go.

Pg 7: The Oggai launch off a building and head towardsKaneki.

Pg 8: Kaneki is knocked aside as the bicycles slam into thebuilding. He wonders what is with their wheels. The Oggai unleash their kaguneand knock Kaneki back.

Pg 9: Kaneki looks up lớn see Touka coming towards him. Hetells her they should go. Mutsuki notices Touka and Kaneki leaving và shoutsat the Oggai khổng lồ chase them.

Pg 10: Mutsuki begins screaming that he/she will fuckingkill them. Aura looks towards Mutsuki & the :re café appears khổng lồ go up inflames.

Pg 11: Tomoe (the step-sister of the Bin Brothers from theoriginal TG, also referred khổng lồ as “Grave Robber”) is approached by Takizawa whocomments that it’s probably hard for her to lớn find food và asks if she wants himto get her some. He says that the world is getting hard for ghouls lớn callhome. Tomoe asks Takizawa what destroys civilization & its citizens, Takizawareplies that atomic bombs do.

Pg 12: Tomoe says that Tatara used to lớn tell her that thesense of smell is what does, because finding things by sniffing them out leadsto devastation. She says that people with good noses are bad news because theyare always able lớn eat their fill.

Pg 13: She comments that the Oggai are almost lượt thích havingtwo deaths out there. The scene changes lớn the CCG.

Pg 14: Urie tells Juuzou that Furuta is calling for him.Juuzou says that he’s going lớn play hookey and asks Urie if he wants to joinhim. Urie thinks that he wants lớn talk to lớn Juuzou so he agrees. Juuzou tellsUrie that the situation smells the same as the 20th ward operation.He says that much blood will flow, as in the Owl operation many ghouls werekilled & many investigators died.

Pg 15: Urie asks if fighting under Furuta will bring thesame result. Juuzou wonders what peace even is và wonders if either ghouls orhumans disappear will they have peace. He throws a paper airplane & says thathe would be fine if things stayed the way that they were và he comments thatthey’ve all hid rather well.

Pg 16: The scene changes back lớn Kaneki and Touka. Kanekisays that he hopes that they’re able lớn meet up with everyone else. He lookstowards Touka và asks her if she’s okay. She asks him about Hide and asks whathe would bởi when he felt like seeing him. Kaneki sits down next lớn her.

Pg 17: Kaneki tellsher that he was never able to vì something concrete because when he would thinklike that he would be consumed by the desire to see Hide again. He apologizesfor not being much help and tells her that they should rest. Touka suddenlypushes him down.

Pg 18: Touka brushes her hair back and looks towards Kaneki.She bends down & appears to lớn kiss him.

Tokyo Kushu tokyo ghoul tokyo ghoul re kaneki ken Touka Kirishima mutsuki tooru Aura Shinsanpei suzuya juuzou urie kuki furuta nimura oggai goat chapter 124 one string
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Pg 1: Image of a butterfly

Pg 2: Hide watches a building being constructed. Henarrates, saying that since then the thành phố of Tokyo has changed.

Pg 3: Hide says that the fight with the CCG và Furuta endedthe dragon war. The poison oviduct was destroyed & further outbreaks of ROSwere prevented. He says that some of the oviducts gave birth khổng lồ thenonpoisonous monsters which continued lớn attack thành phố inhabitants. They werecalled “Dragon orphans” and they became a common enemy to lớn man and ghoulkind.Two men sit on top of a large tendril and chat about new orphans being born inthe 18th ward. Hide says that the CCG was disbanded and a neworganization, the Tokyo Security Committee, was formed with half of theofficers being former CCG officers. Hide narrates that now, six years later,the battle continues.

Pg 4: Hide enters the building và Marude greets him. Textstates that Marude was appointed the director of the TSC until he yielded theposition to lớn Houji’s uncle. Additional text states that the title of Chief ofthe TSC information division was given lớn Marude’s aid, Mabuchi. Tsukiyama saysthat they can begin their meeting. Text states that the ghouls working with theTSC formed a united front. Tsukiyama became the head of his family và reformedthe Tsukiyama ghoul in order to provide the TSC with resources. His father,Mirumo, invested wealth in rebuilding Tokyo. Banjou begins giving an update onrebuilding efforts. Text states that he became involved with the United Front andcontinued khổng lồ command 100-odd ghouls. Tsukiyama’s father is shown assistingBanjou’s ghouls in rebuilding. The overlaying text states that the Ichimisiblings continued to tư vấn Banjou & Jiro became Banjou’s wife in a ceremonyarranged by Tsukiyama. The scene changes to Marude telling Hide that he wantsto leave the matter at the northern front khổng lồ him. Hide says that he’ll stop bysoon.

Pg 5: Hide asks Marude if he was able lớn think over whatthey talked about. Marude sighs và Hide tells him lớn keep studying. Text statesthat Matsuri renounced all of his previous titles to become a normal TSCemployee. He collected the history of the Washuu clan và contributed it to lớn theDragon orphan research effort. Matsuri separated from his wife and took up thename Suzuki instead, therefore the Washuu family line came lớn an end. Textstates that Kiyoko Aura became the chancellor of the TSC peacekeeper academyand dedicated herself to lớn the education of younger generations & remainedsingle her entire life.

Pg 6: Ui is greeted by Mougan, who became a monk. Ui commentsthat it looks like he really took over his family’s temple. Mougan says that hewants khổng lồ help protect the professors of the academy và Ui says that it soundslike he has nothing to do. Text states that Ui became the Vice-Chancellor ofthe TSC academy và taught the peacekeeper candidates battle techniques. Uitells Mougan that he’s busy because there was a violent incident in the fourthward. Tokage is shown, slumped over dead. Overlying text states that he was ateacher in the TSC development branch but he was stabbed to death by one of hisstudents.

Pg 7: Text states that Hirako refused to lớn become the vice-principalof the academy and instead looked after his grandparents until they passedaway. He later chose khổng lồ live a normal private life & works in a funeralhome. The text bubble at the center ofthis page are Ui và Mougan’s conversation. Mougan asks if Ui meets up withHirako and Ui says that occasionally Kuramoto & him go. Ui tells him thatthey visit Arima’s grave from time to lớn time with Fura. He tells Mougan that ifhe has nothing else to vị they need teachers. Kuramoto is shown eating withother employees. Text states that he left Tokyo & transferred to lớn Kansai.Other text states that Fura remained in the TSC và was promoted to AssociateSpecial Class. With the help of his wife & daughter he quit smoking. Textstates that the Okahiras used stabilizers they stole from Kanou lớn prolongtheir lives và work for the TSC from the shadows.

Pg 8: Mougan tells Ui that he’ll think it over. Ui asks himto please vày because they’d love lớn have a priest with them. Urie is shown slicingoff the heads of the rồng Orphans. Yusa calls out to lớn him.

Pg 9: Yusa comments khổng lồ Urie that they seem to lớn be becomingactive again. Urie says that rồng Orphans are heterogamous and evolve at afast pace. They look relatively human and possess the intelligence of a5-year-old. He says that recently leader-like individuals have been seen. Urietells the other squad members that it was believed that long ago something likethe rồng War had happened which gave rise khổng lồ Ghouls. He tells the others togo on ahead và says that he wants khổng lồ visit Shirazu.

Pg 10: Urie goes khổng lồ Shirazu’s grave và says that it lookslike Haru made it before him. Text states that Haru Shirazu, Shirazu’s sisterhad been previously hospitalized with ROS. Urie asks her how she’s feeling. Sheresponds that she doesn’t need khổng lồ keep going back khổng lồ the hospital as long asshe continues khổng lồ take her medicine. They hold their hands together in front ofthe grave.

Pg 11: Text states that Urie searched every part of RueIsland for Shirazu’s remains. After three years of searching the remains ofShirazu were found and he was buried in the cemetery for the CCG’s heroes. Urieasks Haru if she wants to eat dinner at the Chateau. Text states that Haru’sROS was in remission after Urie, Saiko, và Mutsuki had covered the cost oftreatments. Cells harvested from the long Orphands allowed for thedevelopment of an regenerative operation. The scene changes khổng lồ Juuzou standing ina crowd of people. Hanbee runs khổng lồ him và says something about Shinohara. Textstates that the Suzuya Squad made a name for themselves as the most powerfulpeacekeeping squad in the force.

Pg 12: Juuzou runs lớn the hospital, where other members ofhis squad are waiting. Juuzou sees Shinohara sitting up in bed. Shinohara turnstowards Juuzou & asks if it’s him.

Pg 13: Juuzou sinks to his knees. Text states that theRegenerative Operation was the greatest blessing of the dragon War because itled lớn patients with zero chance of recovery to lớn be saved.

Pg 14: Juuzou cries. Text states that he continued khổng lồ protectTokyo as the leader of the TSC forces và he became known as one of the finestpeacekeepers ever. Juuzou’s squad members tear up in the background. Text statesthat Mikage became involved in independent research that contributed lớn the scienceof predicting orphan activity. Nakarai became the Vice general but was severelywounded in a fight with Shikorae and was forced to lớn leave behind life at thefront lines. He became a professor under Kiyoko Aura. Tamaki married a woman andleft the front lines và worked in administration. Hanbee became the right handof Juuzou. Text states that after the development of the Regenerative OperationShinohara made a miraculous recovery. He did not participate in the activitiesof the TSC but supported them from the shadows. Shinohara comments that his hairhas gone white.

Pg 15: The scene changes lớn Naki and Miza feeding theirchildren. Text states that Naki worked for Tsukiyama & the others as part ofthe United Front & was involved in the education of ghoul orphans. He had ninechildren with Miza. Text states that Miza worked with Naki và the others aspart of the United Front and had six boys và three girls with Naki. Theirchildren are shown. Text states that Hooguro fell in love with a human womanand he remained loyal to Naki for his entire life. Text states that Shouseicontinued working with Hooguro with the United Front và remained loyal to Nakifor his entire life.

Pg 16: Narration states that the emergence of synthetic foodgradually began making ghoul life more peaceful. Text states that syntheticfood was developed và was originally called “synthetic meat” before the namewas abandoned. Text states that Dr. Chigyou was able lớn expand the scale of hislaboratory. Nishio is shown trying human food và says that it’s disgusting.Kimi tells him that that’s after their improvements on it. Text states thatNishio supported Kimi who was immersed in her research và used as a testsubject. Text states that Kimi continued ghoul research & encouraged ghoulsto eat human food by adjusting their palate. Text states that Madam A became afarmer. Additional text states that Hori’s photographs were exhibited all over theworld. She worked for the TSC for several years and returned to lớn photographingwhatever she wanted.

Pg 17: Narration states that there were ghouls who continuedto fight against mankind. Shikorae is shown killing an investigator. Textstates that Shikorae has the quality ability to manifest new kagune from RCcells he absorbs from the environment. He absorbed cells from the DragonOrphans & became a kakuja. Many TSC staff & civilians lost their lives tohim and he became the TSC’s greatest ghoul enemy.

Pg 18: Text states that Takizawa vanished without a traceafter the long War & eyewitness accounts later claimed that a half-kakujahunted renegade ghouls. Text states that Kuro traveled lớn Europe and foughtagainst ghouls that attacked humans. It is believed that she went to lớn the MiddleEast. Text states that Tomoe founded an organization khổng lồ protect lost ghouls andbecame its leader. The organization was a sanctuary for ghouls who were unableto acclimate themselves to human society. The narration states that there were ghoulsthat did not continue to rail against mankind. Outlines of Akira & Amon areshown.

Pg 19: The scene changes to Saiko calling Q’s to lớn eat.Several new squad members are shown such as Susu Sanzu, a distant relative ofthe Washuu through the Ihei branch & Ryuusen Tatsumichi. Saiko tells them lớn puttheir back into cooking và Yusa says that he will. Text states that Yusafights with a style reminiscent of Kishou Arima. There was talk of him takingthe “Kishou” name but he refused.

Pg 20: Urie tells Saiko that Hsiao will be able khổng lồ return toduty next month and there will be more chefs around. Saiko says that the homelyfeeling of the Chateau is coming back. Text states that Urie became an AssociateSpecial Class peacekeeper at the TSC & is involved in the education of futuregenerations. Text states that Saiko was treated for her ROS and remained in theChateau. She took care of her mother with her brother until her mother passed. Saiko tells Mutsuki to lớn drop by more often.Mutsuki responds that they are a Special Class now. Hogi asks Aura if he cuthis hair. Text states that Hogi worked at a rural branch office alongside Mutsuki.Additional text states that Mutsuki chose not to lớn remain in the TSC và works ina rural branch office as a Special Class Investigator. Text states that Higemarubecame involved in strengthening the relationships between the TSC & thepolice & fire departments. Text states that Aura worked in the countrysidewith Mutsuki. Text states that Hsiao became involved in the TSC until herphysical health weakened. She was treated và contributed to lớn research on theshort lifespan of half humans & eventually returned to work in anadministrative capacity. Pictures of the various Quinx squads are shown. Saikotells Urie that Kaneki’s kid is so big. Urie asks her if she went again và shetells him that he should come too.

Pg 21: Hide walks by himself and sees Ayato and Hinamitogether. Hide asks them what they’re up to and Hinami says that Ayato wantedto visit his niece. Text states that Ayato is involved with the United Frontand commands difficult operations. Text states that Hinami teaches reading andwriting at the ghoul orphanage.

Pg 22: They ask Hide if he wants lớn go with them. He saysthat he was thinking of heading over there. Text states that Takeomi had onechild và supports Urie in the TSC. Text states that Yoriko takes care of herson & occasionally makes bread. Text states that Iwao Kuroiwa washospitalized before the rồng War và became one of Marude’s advisors afterhis neck healed. Text states that Gori joined the TSC to tư vấn Kuroiwa andshe became popular among male TSC staff.

Pg 23: The scenechanges lớn Yomo with Kaneki’s daughter on his back. Yomo has various ribbons inhis hair. He tells Hide, Ayato, and Hinami that they caught him at a bad time.Text states that Uta pursued hobbies including ways khổng lồ attack Yomo and mask design.As long as Yomo was alive he lived with Joy in his heart. Text states that Itoriwatched Uta at his side and likely never told him her feelings. Text statesthat Nico continued his relationship with Itori & Uta as drinking buddies andleft for the south to search for love. The Clowns are shown together và Ayato offers Yomo help against Uta’s attacks.

Pg 24: Touka is shown in a kitchen. She turns & greetsHide. Text states that in between dealing with attacks of Uta and the others Yomomakes time khổng lồ visit Touka và Kaneki’s child.

Pg 25: Ayato makes silly faces at the child. Tsukiyama,Nishio, Urie, Banjou, & Saiko enter. Tsukiyama says that they just happenedto run into each other. Tsukiyama picks up the child, calling her a princessand saying that the got even prettier. Nishio warns him not to drop her.

Pg 26: Saiko brings Touka a bag & says it’s from Mutsuki.Touka pulls out an apple and says that their daughter loves fruit. She saysthat they’ll have khổng lồ thank Mutsuki.

Pg 27: Kaneki enters & greets everyone. Narration statesthat the world continues to lớn change.

Pg 28: Text states that after suppressing the dragon threatKaneki almost drowned in its bodily fluids. He was dragged out by Ayato andspent two weeks after the operation sleeping. Currently he works incollaboration with the TSC and the United Front. Hide sits next lớn Kaneki andHide says that Marude wanted him to tell him that he needs his help again. Hidesays that he doesn’t always have lớn help & Kaneki says that he wants to.

Pg 29: Kaneki asks Hide if the things that he said botherhim. Kaneki says that even if he’s at peace with what he’s done there are thosewho are not và he still thinks about whether the world got better or worse.

Pg 30: Hide completes Kaneki’s thought, saying that he hatesbeing unable to vị anything. Hide asks Kaneki how many times he’s going lớn saythat and says that it’s his catchphrase. Kaneki touches his chin và smiles. Hesays that he doesn’t say it that much. Hide says that he just repeats it tohimself when he’s not around & Kaneki says that he’s only said it two orthree times. Text states that in elementary school Hide lost his father, aghoul investigator, and lived in their facilities. He was taken in by adoptivefathers & met Kaneki not long after.

Pg 31: Text states that Hide made use of his experiences withthe CCG and TSC by traveling the world lớn speak about the work of the UnitedFront and spread the word of peace. He remained friends with Kaneki for hisentire life. Hide tells Kaneki lớn take it easy and Kaneki tells him to vị thesame. Kaneki, Touka, and their daughter walk together. Kaneki holds hisdaughter’s hand and Touka says that she’s going to lớn fall.

Pg 32: Kaneki looks out into the sky and says that it’s abeautiful day.

Pg 33: An empty coffee cup is shown with the word “End”.

tokyo ghoul Tokyo Kushu tokyo ghoul re ken kaneki Touka Kirishima hideyoshi nagachika boss urie kuki saiko yonebayashi chapter 179 the goat's song Marude Itsuki tsukiyama shuu renji yomo Uta Amon Koutarou akira mado seidou takizawa suzuya juuzou