Quick access is a feature that could help you access to lớn frequently used folders and recently used files quickly when you mở cửa a tệp tin Explorer window in Windows 10 computer.

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Quick Access is surely a good feature in Windows 10. But it doesn"t mean that that it is good for everyone. For example, when you don"t want lớn see frequently closed files or folders và you want to lớn view customized folders or files as you xuất hiện file explorer, it would be a trouble. So in this article, we will go through two methods to lớn disable or remove quick access from Windows 10 tệp tin explorer.

Method 1: Disable Quick Access Temporarily

Step 1: mở cửa File Explorer to "This PC" instead of "Quick Access".

1. xuất hiện File Explorer, then go to View Options & Folder Options tab.


2. In Folder Options window, you can see the mặc định option for tệp tin explorer is selected as "Quick access". Now just click the list and select "This PC".


Step 2: Uncheck the "Show recently used files/folders in Quick Access".

In order khổng lồ disable quick access feature, it is necessary to uncheck the "Show recently used files in Quick Access" và "Show frequently used folders in Quick Access" in Folder Options dialog. Then click Apply & OK khổng lồ save changes.

Tips: Some of the folders might still be visible in the quick access thực đơn in This PC. Lớn clear out these, click on the "Clear" button displayed right next khổng lồ the "Clear tệp tin Explorer history" in the Folder Options settings. This will remove all the existing links.

Method 2: Remove Quick Access Permanently

Before removing quick access in file explorer permanently, please make sure you have been logged into Windows through an trương mục with administrative privileges.

Step 1: xuất hiện Registry Editor.

xuất hiện Run box with combination keys "Windows + R" & type "regedit" in it. Press Enter & Registry Editor is opened.

Step 2: Navigate lớn "ShellFolder" in the left pane and change its "Permissions".

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1. Expand the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT CLSID 679f85cb-0220-4080-b29b-5540cc05aab6 in the left pane of registry editor window & right click ShellFolder khổng lồ select "Permissions".


2. Click "Advanced" in pop-up dialog of "Permissions for ShellFolder".


3. In following Advanced Security Settings for ShellFolder dialog, click Change button.


4. Click Advanced & Find now in next dialog. There will menu many usernames. Administrator will be one of them, just select it & hit OK on all the windows.



5. Click on ShellFolder again và you can see Attributes on the right side.


6. Double-click on Attributes và change the value to lớn a0600000.

Now the quick access feature will be removed from Windows 10. If you want to lớn enable the feature, please change the value back to a0100000. Restart your Windows system when all the processes are complete to lớn see the changes in effect.