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2 main differences between Board of Members, General Meeting of Shareholders and Board of Directors in different corporate types - 2 biệt lập cơ phiên bản của Hội đồng thành viên, Đại hội đồng cổ đông, Hội đồng cai quản trị vào các mô hình công ty

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  Enterprises of different corporate types have difference in managerial mechanisms in which Board of Members (BM), General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS) and Board of Directors (BD) always play very important roles. This article aims lớn analyze 2 basic differences in terms of their legal status & decision-making rights.   BM in LLCs, partnerships GSM in JSCs BD in JSCs Multiple-member LLCs Single-member LLCs Partnerships Legal status The supreme governing body of the company Designated by the company’s owner, perform the owner’s rights and obligations in the owner’s name; perform the company’s rights & obligations in the company’s name, except the rights & obligations of the Director/General Director; take responsibility khổng lồ the law và the owner for his/her performance. Like those in single-member LLCs. Consist of all voting shareholders and is the supreme bo

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All of 25 services & activities inaccessible lớn foreign investors in Vietnam - toàn thể 25 ngành nghề nhà đầu tư nước ngoài không được phép tiếp cận tại Việt Nam


  Decree No. 31/2021/ND-CP, providing instructions for implementation of the 2020 Law on Investment in effect as of March 26, 2021, Contains the Appendix listing several services and activities subject to lớn restrictions on foreign enterprises’ investment. Below is this list: 1. Trading goods & services on the các mục of commercial State monopolies.   2. Press and information gathering activities in any form.   3. Fishing or fishery production.   4. Investigation & security services.   5. Judicial administration services, including judicial expertise service, bailiff service, property auction service, public notary service, estate guardian service.   6. Sending employees to work abroad under employment contracts.   7. Investment in the construction of cemeteries và graveyards for transfer of rights to use land associated with their infrastructure   8. Household garbage collection service.   9. Public opinion polling (public survey).   10. Blasting service.   11. Man