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Another live-action adaptation of Attack on Titan is said khổng lồ be in the works, và here are 14 cast members we"d love to see join the project.

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Attack On Titan is one of contemporary TV's most exciting animes, and, although its fourth and final season began airing in December 2020, fans of the exhilarating action-horror series still have much lớn look forward to. It director Andy Muschietti has been tapped lớn direct the second live-action film in the franchise following the two-part 2015 Japanese movie, with David Heyman (Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts) among those producing. Attack on Titan borrows its setting from Hajime Isayama's 2009 manga of the same name: the island of Paradis, where giant walls have been erected to lớn protect humanity from massive humanoid monsters called 'titans.' It follows 15-year-old Eren Jaeger and his friends as they join the Scout Regiment, a military branch responsible for titan combat. But, which actors can fill the shoes of the brave combatants from the anime?

Updated on August 11th, 2022 by Jom Elauria: The final part of Attack on Titan's fourth season is set to lớn premiere in 2023, covering the last nine chapters of the manga. While fans are sad that the beloved anime series is approaching its end, they can also look forward to the live-action Hollywood adaptation. Time has shown that live-action anime adaptations are almost always a dud. But the Hollywood adaptation of Attack on Titan might have a good chance of being received well by casting actors that perfectly match the beloved anime characters.


Josh Hutcherson is known for playing the lead in some of the best book-to-movie films. This includes his breakout role in the film Bridge khổng lồ Terabithia, as well as his memorable portrayal of Peeta Mellark in the dystopian movie franchise The Hunger Games.

Hutcherson would be a great candidate lớn play the mature Marleyan warrior Reiner Braun. The user of the Armored Titan is known for his calm, loyal, & headstrong personality, traits that have also been seen in some of Hutcherson's past roles.


The exciting but sometimes cringeworthy CW show Riverdale wouldn't be what it is without its lead actor KJ Apa who plays Archie Andrews. Apa is an actor from New Zealand who got his big break on Riverdale but has also found fame in his home country by starring in the prime-time soap opera Shortland Street.

There are a lot of parallels between Bertolt Hoover and Archie. Just lượt thích Archie, Bertolt is also loyal, caring, và kindhearted, even lớn his Survey Corps friends who he eventually betrayed. Apa's acting skills can surely bring Bertolt to life on the big screen.


Historia Reiss is a very important character in the world of Attack on Titan. Once a member of the Scout Regiment, Historia has been revealed as the last remaining thành viên of the Reiss family, which makes her the legitimate Eldian queen.

The Euphoria star Maude Apatow can easily take on the challenging role of Historia, who started as a meek and cowardly character who eventually gains confidence in herself và becomes a worthy leader. Based on how Apatow has given justice to her character on Euphoria, Lexi Howard, she'll surely give a dynamic & believable performance as Historia in Attack on Titan.


Dylan O'Brien is an actor who gained fame by portraying the lovable sidekick Stiles Stilinski in the MTV show Teen Wolf. He's also best known for playing the lead role of Thomas in The Maze Runner franchise.

O'Brien's quirky personality in the shows and films he stars in perfectly matches the laid-back and zany attitude of the Survey Corps core member Connie Springer. While he does eventually mature in the later seasons of the show, Connie was extremely outgoing & optimistic during his time as a trainee.

19-year-old Ian Alexander is known for playing Buck Vu on Netflix's sci-fi-mystery hit The OA, & more recently for playing the first-ever trans character on Star Trek: Discovery on CBS All Access. In addition lớn his sci-fi TV credits, Alexander provided a voice and motion capture role in 2020's The Last Of Us Part II video game.

With diverse sci-fi credentials, the rising star would be a perfect fit for Eren Jaeger, Attack on Titan's passionate & fearless, if a bit headstrong, protagonist, with whom many will sympathize and identify.

Mikasa Ackerman is a proficient & focused Scout Regiment student, a deadly combatant, and a long-lasting friend to Eren Jaeger which makes her one of the best characters in the series. Recent Marvel Cinematic Universe alum Lyrica Okano is no stranger lớn playing powerful teens with unique abilities.

Her portrayal of the Wiccan Nico Minoru on Hulu's The Runaways, which ran from 2017 to 2019, involved some seriously impressive action sequences, showing that Okano could excel in the role of a young combat expert.

Jaeden Martell is a young actor with diverse film experience acting opposite major movie stars. He starred alongside Bill Murray in 2014's St. Vincent, as part of the all-star ensemble cast of Knives Out in 2019, & with Chris Evans and Michelle Dockery in 2020's Defending Jacob, but perhaps most relevant is his two-time collaboration with director Andy Muschietti on the 2017 & 2019 It adaptations.

With undeniable dramatic & horror chops and a rising profile, Martell could capture the sensitivity & strategic intellect of Eren's childhood friend Armin Arlert.

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After his breakout role in the Netflix musical period drama The Get Down, Justice Smith shot khổng lồ even greater heights with roles as an IT specialist and tin tặc in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom & the titular Pokémon's companion Tim Goodman in Detective Pikachu.

Smith's experience in both dramatic and action-adventure roles would lend itself khổng lồ playing Jean Kirschtein, a natural leader who nonetheless struggles to overcome a cynical outlook on the war and a desire to lớn lead a safe life.

DC Fans know Ryan Potter as Beast Boy on Titans, the DC Universe network's first original scripted series whose third season is set khổng lồ premiere on HBO Max in 2021. Before his starring role in the popular adaptation of the Teen Titans comics, Potter's kung-fu experience landed him a role on Nickelodeon's Supah Ninjas.

As a trained martial artist and accomplished kích hoạt actor, Potter would perfectly embody the terrifyingly skillful soldier Levi who has worked his way lớn become the cunning and decisive leader of the Special Operations Squad.

Hunter Schafer is one of the breakout stars from HBO's Euphoria, with central acting và writing roles in the series' second special episode. Although Schafer doesn't have action movie experience to date, her experience portraying one of several teens struggling khổng lồ overcome emotional hurdles could make her a valuable addition lớn the cast.

It would be fascinating lớn see Schafer pivot from her benevolent Euphoria role khổng lồ playing the anime's major first-season antagonist Annie Leonhart, the first thành viên of the Scout Regiment revealed to have a shocking hidden agenda.

With a huge Tik Tok following and an extensive list of TV credits, china Anne McClain would be a great fit for Attack on Titan's main source of comic relief, the lovable và very hungry Sasha Blouse. Fans may know McClain from her starring role on The CW's series Black Lightning as the titular superhero's youngest daughter Jennifer Pierce, a high school track athlete who inherited her father's powers.

Besides her Tik Tok presence, McClain's other comedic experience includes roles in Grown Ups 2 and 2020's Hubie Halloween.

Hange Zöe is a fan favorite among Attack on Titan's large cast of characters. The obsessive titan researcher & eventual leader of the Scout Regiment possesses a genius-level intellect & an upbeat personality.

Although perhaps best known for her musical career, Hayley Kiyoko is a multi-talented star with a broad range of acting credits, perhaps most pertinently her role as hacker Raven Ramirez on CSI: Cyber. Riding high on her successful musical releases in 2020, the burgeoning queer icon could easily land the coveted role in Attack on Titan's upcoming film adaptation.

With several recent roles in Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, veteran theatre và film actor Anthony Mackie has entered a new phase of his career as a bona fide action star. Marvel fans know him as Falcon in the Avengers series và in the upcoming Disney+ miniseries The Falcon & the Winter Soldier, while others may recognize him from Netflix's Altered Carbon.

Mackie's action background và dramatic chops make him suited to the role of Erwin Smith, the decisive & revered leader who commands the Scout Regiment when Eren và his friends are admitted.

Hannes is a beloved character whose bittersweet arc fans remember from seasons one và two. An easygoing Garrison unit captain, Hannes is forced to make a haunting choice in the show's very first episode: lớn save a young Eren and Mikasa, and leave Eren's mother, when a titan approaches Eren's family's destroyed home. The well-meaning soldier suffers from the guilt of this decision and feelings of cowardice until he re-encounters the titan at the end of the second season.

Woody Harrelson, famous for playing likable-but-flawed older men in such films as Zombieland and the Hunger Games series, would be the perfect fit for this cherished character.