Is Love Chunibyo & Other Delusions Season 3 Is Coming? Check Here!

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‘Love Chunibyo và Other Delusions’ is one of those wonderful Slice of Life anime that can be seen at any time and from any location.

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The anime series is based on Torako’s Japanese light book series, which Nozomi Saka draws. ‘Love Chunibyo và Other Delusions’ is a sweet love tale about Yta and Rikka, two high school students who both suffer from Chnibyo (delusions).

Two seasons of the anime have been broadcast, & a film that acts as a direct sequel lớn the plot was released in 2018.

Numerous reports indicate that the anime’s third season is already under production. However, is this true? Everything we know is included here.

Love Chunibyo và Other Delusions Season 3 Release Date 

There have been various speculations that season 3 is now in production. There is, however, no official confirmation from Kyoto Animation or any other organization involved in the production of the anime that season 3 of ‘Love Chunibyo và Other Delusions‘ will occur.

The anime’s first season was aired in nhật bản between October 4 và December 19, 2012. Season two debuted in January năm trước and concluded in March 2014.

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Both seasons consisted of 12 episodes. Rather than releasing another season, the studio completed the anime with a film.

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The film ‘Eiga Chuunibyou thử nghiệm Koi ga Shitai! Take On Me’ aired in 2018 và presented an apparent conclusion to lớn the plot. As a result, a third season currently seems improbable.

However, if you are as enthusiastic and optimistic as those anime characters, there is still hope, although a tiny one! It is common for animes to lớn be on hiatus for an extended period before being revived. Even successful anime series such as ‘Bleach’ had to wait almost a decade khổng lồ see season 17.

Additionally, the anime remains one of the most popular titles on Crunchyroll. On MyAnimeList, the first season has a 7.74 rating, while the second season has a 7.56 rating. These figures seem to lớn be reasonable in terms of popularity. We’ve seen animes that had worse ratings yet were still renewed.

The anime has not yet been renewed for a third season, and as previously said, there is a strong possibility that it will not return.

However, even if the anime is revived for a third season, it will not premiere until 2022. This entry will be updated whenever the anime is revived.

Love Chunibyo và Other Delusions Season 3 Plot

The popular anime is based on the same-named light book series, drawn by Nozomi Saka và written by Torako. Despite its popularity, “Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions” remains the author’s solo work to lớn date.

There is undoubtedly room for more of these enthralling visions – & for the hardships of recuperating protagonist Yta Togashi & his full-fledged Chunibyo love interest Rikka Takanashi. 

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The 2018 picture seemed lớn resolve several loose ends, but as anybody who has ever been in (or out of) love knows, the potential for conflict và complexities is limitless. 

Add lớn that the series’ propensity for fusing fiction & reality, and it’s easy lớn see how the creative team may conjure up a few more storylines that carry us beyond the feature’s conclusion. Perhaps we could also hear more from the supporting characters, whose tales were not as well-developed or cleanly concluded?




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