However, as mentioned, the story mode really is top notch while it lasts. Utilising enhanced animation stills, it provides a surprisingly in-depth retelling of the source material, complete with fully voiced Japanese dialogue. Split up into multiple parts, it"s clear that a lot of effort has been put into making each scenario feel lượt thích an episode of the anime, with narrative details being dished out by the cast before the game sends you off onto the field of battle.

Bạn đang xem: Arslan: the warriors of legend

The battles themselves tend lớn be relatively linear in their structure, as each conflict is directly tied to lớn the narrative. One mission may see you rescue young Arslan from a band of villains, while another might have you defend a fortress from waves of baddies. Yes, proceedings usually boil down to lớn slaughtering groups of generic soldiers before taking on a tougher quái thú character, but there"s at least a decent amount of variety in the tasks that you"re given.

Becoming invested in each battle is made easy thanks khổng lồ the previously mentioned dialogue sequences – some of which which can last minutes at a time. This gives the release ample opportunity to flesh out its interesting cast of characters. Between the genius of Narsus, the sheer martial prowess of Daryun, and the infectious confidence of Gieve, picking a preferred personality is a tough proposal, và that"s obviously to lớn the credit of what is largely a well-written entourage.


Arslan is something of a rarity within the genre, as you"ll be playing through its story mode in order to lớn see what becomes of the plot, rather than treating the narrative as some sort of shaky thread that ties together a laundry list of battles. Indeed, this central mode sets a benchmark when it comes to the actual story, but it"s not perfect when viewed in its entirety.

For starters, the game play doesn"t always live up lớn the hype that the pre-battle dialogue scenes create. For example, proceedings may have been building up to a colossal clash between two gigantic armies, but when the battle eventually rolls around, it merely consists of defeating a handful of enemy units & it"s all over within about five minutes. This isn"t always the case, but the general shortness of some skirmishes will make you wonder why they"re so brief khổng lồ begin with.

However, story mode"s biggest issue is something that can"t really be fixed at this point. Hiromu Arakawa"s The Heroic Legend of Arslan is still in production, which means that this licensed title can only take the plot so far – and it"s undeniably disappointing when you get to that end point and the credits start khổng lồ roll. Of course, the fact that it"s disappointing goes to show how enjoyable the story mode actually is, but that"s not really the problem.


The problem is that you just know there"ll be a sequel lớn Warriors of Legend that does everything better: a larger playable character roster, better graphics, bigger maps, an expanded battle system – & it"ll no doubt continue the plot. This is the typical Omega Force cycle at work, but it still makes it difficult khổng lồ view the game as little more than a starting point.

The combat system, while perfectly serviceable & enjoyable, also feels a bit lượt thích a starting point. On đứng top of the traditional Warriors-style movesets which see you tapping a mixture of square and triangle to smash away dozens of foes at once, Arslan incorporates a weapon switching & chaining mechanic. Essentially, each character has access to up to three different weapons, and you can either switch them out as you like, or you can tie them into your combos with a tap of R1.

While whipping out a bow lớn blast enemies that you"ve launched into the air with your great sword is a lot of fun, it doesn"t bring much to lớn the table aside from giving you an easy way khổng lồ keep that combo counter ticking. Likewise, as you cấp độ up your character you unlock slightly different elemental based movesets that apply lớn each weapon, but again, it"s something that doesn"t địa chỉ any additional flavour – you"ll usually just pick the one that seems lớn be the most effective and stick with it.


The skill thẻ system seems to be another attempt lớn give Arslan its own game play identity. Defeated officers will drop cards that can be equipped lớn your heroes, boosting their attributes. It"s a light role-playing game mechanic that admittedly adds a nice little bit of depth & gives you something khổng lồ work towards. Sure, it"s a tad uninspired, but finding a powerful new thẻ brings a slight spark of joy to a game that can appear a bit too bland outside of its lovingly crafted story mode.

Speaking of bland, the majority of maps are incredibly dreary. Some battles take place on vast, xuất hiện stretches of land – which, at times, makes a refreshing change compared khổng lồ the often maze-like level design in other Warriors titles – but there"s just no life khổng lồ them, & incredibly muddy textures don"t help. Fortunately, the character models are pretty enough to distract from the sub-par settings – at least when you"re busy wading through the opposition. Oh, và a rather rousing soundtrack certainly doesn"t detract from the title"s overall presentation, either.


A lot of care and effort has been poured into Arslan: The Warriors of Legend"s story mode, but the narrative focus has taken attention away from other aspects of the release. Outside of the plot, things are enjoyable but unspectacular, and by & large, the title feels like the basis for a better sequel. On this occasion, Omega Force"s latest is lượt thích a commanding officer with no charisma – you can find respect for it, but you wouldn"t follow it blindly into battle.

Not Bad 6/10

Scoring PolicyReview copy provided by Koei Tecmo


Robert"s been a dedicated PlayStation fan since the days of Tekken 2, and he still loves a good dust up. When he"s not practising combos, he"s usually getting lost in the latest 100-hour RPG, or, y"know, replaying The Witcher 3.


Tue 9th Feb 2016

Sounds very much lượt thích the one piece & fist of the north star games. Solid, playable - but ultimately your doing the same thing over và over again.

Xem thêm: Cách Phục Hồi Thẻ Nhớ Bị Mất Dung Lượng, Cách Khôi Phục Dữ Liệu Thẻ Nhớ Bị Mất Nhanh Nhất


Tue 9th Feb 2016

Wow you guys are going reviews crazy these last few days. Are you actually getting any sleep from all the gaming you must be doing?!


themcnoisy I wouldn"t compare it to lớn the latest One Piece: Pirate Warriors, though. That game"s a prime example of how Omega Force usually makes sequels bigger & better. Lượt thích the nhận xét says, Arslan is a solid basis for a sequel, but that"s also one of its weaknesses. It"s quite barebones as a result.

And let"s face it, all Warriors games are repetitive - but that"s part of the appeal. Needless lớn say, some Warriors games handle their repetitive nature better than others.


Tue 9th Feb 2016

I actually had high hopes for this after how great long Quest Heroes turned out. Although the kiểm tra looked great, it seriously lacked in nội dung and just didnt feel right. It could be that I don"t usually ride mounts that often in my musu games ... I usually LOVE all musu games but I think I will be giving this one a pass! Thank you for the review!!

ShogunRok good reviews as always Robert, thanks man.just want to lớn say a little about the story of Arslan, originally it"s a Persian legend goes back about 130 years ago, it was a tale that was read to the King Naser al-Din Shah. In 1986 the story translated to Japanese in the name of Arslan Senki & became a really popular novel, after that as most of you know it became a manga, anime và finally this clip game that reviewed by our good friend Robert Ramsey.

THEONE19 Is that right? That"s really interesting. I know it obviously takes a lot of inspiration from that part of the world but I thought it was fantastical. If that"s the case then I suppose it"s not unlike Romance of the Three Kingdoms and how that took the history of china and made it into a novel.

Tue 9th Feb 2016

Lots of sixes lately on this site. I personally don"t have the time to entertain any trò chơi that gets a 6, or a 7 for that matter. Khổng lồ many GOOD titles out there to lớn keep busy with instead of using my limited time playing games that are considered NOT BAD. Lol, not bad...

Tue 9th Feb 2016

Thank you for your great đánh giá Rober, I was waiting for it.

The chạy thử gave me the impression of an almost empty, bland musou.... I am sad that your review confirmed that impression. I was hoping for a grand scale musou with more strategy và tactics than DW series, but it looks like it is not. I ll skip this, fortunately on ps4 we already have some great musou in which i can sink myself...

ShogunRok I would love a more western adaptation of Musou games.... I know they did some years ago.... Roman empire, greeks or the crusades would be great sceneries for massive scale battles.

SonyInfinity Not bad"s not bad though! I mean, someone who really likes The Heroic Legend of Arslan may enjoy this 6/10 trò chơi better than they lượt thích a shooter we gave a 9/10.

For the record, I spent ages playing Arslan. I quite like it, but I couldn"t ignore its flaws for the purposes of a review.

arnoldlayne83 Plenty of interesting historical periods for Warriors games, I agree.

They went the western route with Warriors: Legends of Troy on PS3, and it didn"t vày well. However, that was probably because it wasn"t a great game, not necessarily because of the setting. Also worth mentioning that it wasn"t developed by Omega Force - it was developed by Koei Canada.

ShogunRok actually 6 is not a bad score specially that this is the first trò chơi in the series, so we can hope khổng lồ see improvements in the future games.and Robert you are a great reviewer, your opinion really matters for me because you play the games for many hours unlike some reviewers in other websites lượt thích gamespot or ign, in brief you are a veteran gamer và that"s really important.

THEONE19 Thanks very much for the vote of confidence!

And I agree, a 6 isn"t a bad score, especially for the first trò chơi in a new Warriors series. Like the đánh giá says, this is a very solid basis for a sequel. Hopefully we get one!

Wed 10th Feb 2016

Tried the thử nghiệm was okay but I think they should have cross promoted this with the anime, I don"t really know much about it and would rather just play dynasty warriors or some other musou where I get what"s going on better. Also what is up with the ground it looks out of place.