Seo Ye Ji And Kim Soo Hyun Relationship: Controversy

Kim Soo-hyun was described by his co-star, Seo Ye-ji, as the best onscreen partner she ever had.

“From the very first day he has been very considerate of me. I would even say that he is the best partner I’ve ever had,” she said.

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The actress declared this during during the digital press conference of the drama “It’s Okay Not khổng lồ Be Okay” on June 6. The drama is directed by Park Shin-woo who (“Encounter,” “Jealousy Incarnate,” “Hyde Jekyll, Me”) and written by Jo Yong (“After the Rain,” “Jugglers”)

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The drama is the first drama of Kim after his military service. He said that this drama made his heart ache from the moment he read the first read the script.

“I think that you may be able lớn agree once you see the show, but there are a variety of characters, a lot of stories & there is also a lot of love in the drama. So I think whatever angle you see our show from, there is something in it for everybody,” he said.

The actor said that he had the thirst khổng lồ act again when he was doing his military service. He added that time he spent in the military made him physically stronger, too.

Kim Soo-hyun, photos from Netflix

Kim plays the character of Moon Gang-tae. He works as a caregiver in a psychiatric ward where he meets an anti-social children’s book writer, Mun-yeong (Seo Ye-ji). The drama promises a lot of heart.

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Gang-tae is the younger brother but he has to lớn act lượt thích he’s the older one because Sang-tae (Oh Jung-se) has the autism spectrum disorder.


“When he meets Mun-yeonng, that is when he begins to lớn sort of let his guard down. He is able khổng lồ kftvietnam.complain about things and he bekftvietnam.comes like a child in front of this character. So I think that meeting Moon-young is like a transitional point in his life in that sense,” he said.

The actor also described his first meeting with the actress as awkward at first but they soon developed an onscreen chemistry. Something that he hopes the viewers of the drama would be able khổng lồ enjoy.

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Catch Kim Soo-hyun và Seo Ye-ji in “It’s Okay to Be Not Okay” on June 20, 9:30 pm, on Netflix.

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